7 Best Budget-friendly Makeup Palettes ...

If you love having a variety of beauty products at your fingertips, but hate the high price tag they usually have, you’ll love these budget friendly makeup palettes! Drugstore makeup doesn’t always have to be of sub-par quality, there are tons of beauty products that are highly pigmented, long-lasting and very cost efficient! Take a peek at some of these budget friendly makeup palettes that are cheap and chic!

1. E.l.f. Beauty Eye Book in Bright

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e.l.f. is very well known for their budget friendly makeup palettes and beauty tools. This beauty book filled with gorgeous eye shadows allows you to create a variety of looks without having to carry around multiple containers, as well as an applicator and eye liner. This retails for about $5 and also has a how-to guide on where to apply the eye shadows on the inside cover!

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