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7 Charmingly Useful Tips on How to Choose a Lipstick ...

By Jennifer

How do you choose a lipstick? Do you just walk blindly through the beauty counters at Macy’s, listlessly trying them on, grabbing the one you think looks best, or randomly grab one and live with the results? My dear, those days are over. Here are my tips on how to choose a lipstick. Read on!

1 Will You Wear It?

Why is it that some of our favorite lipsticks are reserved for special occasions only? That’s just silly! If you’re buying a lipstick, make sure it’s a shade and a type (glossy or flat) you’ll wear more than just once.

2 Consider Your Budget

Check your budget before you buy a lipstick, because if you can only afford a CoverGirl at the drugstore, it’s not the right time to be sampling MAC at the Macy’s counter. Be realistic about your budget, my dear… you can’t (or shouldn’t) sacrifice meals for makeup!


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3 Read Reviews

If there’s a new brand you’ve been dying to try, but you’re just not quite sure if it’s for you, ask friends, or read reviews online. We have loads of them right here on our site, but so do Sephora and Ulta, too!

4 Try before You Buy

Sweetie, if you’re not sure if you need a blue-red or an orange-red, for the sake of everyone’s sanity, try them on before you buy! Most beauty stores and counters have samples you can try (complete with sanitary one-use swabs to try them with!)… try before you buy!

5 Don’t Always Get the Same Shade

I’m Justas guilty of this as the next girl, but I’m going to mention this anyway: if you find yourself always going with the same shade of pale pink, change it up a bit once in a while! Go for a bold burgundy or a sassy berry, and see what you think!

6 Don’t Go Crazy Though

Okay, let me clarify. It’s okay to experiment with color, but don’t go completely crazy. Remember to take your skin tone and wardrobe into consideration before buying that rusty orange or bold blue-green lipstick.

7 Get Professional Help

If you’ve been looking at lipsticks for an eternity, and you’re still not sure what you want, seek professional help. Those black-clad beauties at the makeup counters are there for a reason, so let them work their magic and make a few suggestions!

So the next time you go to buy a new lipstick, please remember these tips, so you don’t end up with a lipstick you loathe. Maybe you’ll get just the right one, one that you love! Which of these tips do you think will be the most helpful? Or do you have another tip to share?

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