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Check out This Video of a Classic Valentine's Day Makeup Tutorial ...

By Laura

Are you looking for a classic Valentine's Day makeup look? Whether you have a friend with benefits, a spouse, a significant other of any form, or you're spending the night having dinner with your BFF because you're both single, you're going to love NikkieTutorials YouTube video on the perfect matte look to rock on your hot and steamy night out (or maybe a casual night out or hell, even a night in if you're like me and you hate going out! Haha).

Her easy to follow step by step video tutorial consists of a nice nude/neutral eye color, a purple-ish brown crease color on top, and some sexy matte burgundy lips to finish off the look. This will have you looking smoking hot whatever your plans!

I love the fact that she uses fairly cheap products, the fact she can literally transform her face from before to after with just a little effort, and her in-depth explanation on how to achieve the look with the simplest of techniques even a beginner like me can do.

Check out NikkieTutorials Matte classic Valentine's Day makeup tutorial below for a knockout look that will have anyone who sees you dropping their jaws! If this one is maybe too bold, rest assured she has plenty of other videos that will help you achieve the look you want.

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