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How to Wear Coloured Mascara ...

By Carly

Wondering how to wear coloured mascara? There is no doubting that mascara is one of the essentials of any top notch makeup look and routine. The problem for many, though, is the fact that they see mascara as the one makeup item that you can’t really experiment with, especially compared to things like lipstick and eyeshadow. This doesn’t actually have to be the case, though, as coloured mascara is becoming more and more popular in mainstream makeup. Coloured mascara has made an appearance in designer collections recently, so if it’s good enough for Christian Louboutin Beaute, Hard Candy, and Urban Decay, then it’s definitely something we should be embracing. If you like the idea of coloured mascara and want to give it a try, then here's how to wear coloured mascara.

1 Blue

One of the best answers for how to wear coloured mascara is to go blue. Blue mascara can add a really wonderful extra element to your look, but you need to remember to apply the product over a dark mascara that you have already used as a base of sorts. It gives a more subtle effect than some of the other colours, which makes it a great option for trying out first, getting the hang of coloured mascara.

2 Red

Red mascara is particularly perfect for girls who have green eyes, it can really make them pop! In general, it’s always a really good idea to follow the rules of the colour wheel when you are looking for ways to compliment your natural colouring.

3 Green

Green mascara is another colour that is seen as a gateway option for getting into coloured mascara. You should be looking for gentle olive and emerald tones that can create a really rich, subtle yet noticeable look. Green mascara is especially flattering for brown eyes.

4 Purple

Purple is probably the most versatile of the coloured mascaras, going perfectly with green, blue and hazel eyes. It’s a subtle but effective way to venture away from the traditional black without going too far away from your comfort zone.

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