You Must-See This Awesome Tutorial for Using Wet N Wild Makeup Products !

I'm going to share a tutorial for using Wet n Wild makeup products with you today. I'm not sure about you, but I want to be pretty. However, this girl cannot go to Macy's for all of her makeup needs. This girl heads for the drugstore Wet n Wild display! Inexpensive, beautiful shades, easy to use, etc. Yes, I am talking about myself.

On YouTube, a young lady, Amarie, gives a full tutorial on how to apply Wet n Wild makeup. She is super. See her before and after! Here's a great tutorial for using Wet n Wild makeup products.

Published on July 7, 2017

Again, as Amarie goes along, she explains every detail... the type of brush, the name of the shade and how to apply. In the see more section, below the video, everything is documented.

Personally, I use Wet n Wild for eyeshadow (which my shade has recently gone on clearance...there were 3 left and I bought all 3), sometimes lipstick (as I like their dark shades for a dramatic look) and their bronzer.

I pass on their blush. Not sure why, but the blush does not seem to apply too nice.

Anyway, the young lady in this video knows her stuff. She should really take up a career in makeup artistry.

I hope you like this tutorial for Wet n Wild! What have you learned?

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