The Best Tips for Mascara Application Ever ...

I'm here with the best tips for applying mascara. It would be fair to say that out of the all the different products that come together to make up a perfect makeup bag, mascara is one of the most important. The ability to apply mascara in a successful way can be the difference between failing in your look and absolutely perfecting it, so it’s important to really know what you are doing! Mascara is one of the most important elements of a makeup look, but unfortunately it is also one of the most difficult to perfect. No fear, though, if you read through this list of the best tips for applying mascara, you will be totally fine!

1. Bottom to Top

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You should always start with applying mascara to your bottom lashes first. Once that is done, apply mascara to your upper lashes, but always start from the inside corner. This is one of the best tips for applying mascara that you'll ever find.

2. Up and down, Side to Side

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Start out going vertical with your strokes, and then flip to doing it horizontally to make sure that each and every lash has been given full and voluminous coverage.

3. Mirror

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Don’t get cocky and think you can do it without a mirror! You always need a mirror nearby to check out your handiwork, especially when doing your top lashes because you need to look down in order to not get the mascara everywhere.

4. Slanted Application

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Do not lift the brush straight up in a line, it is best to approach with a slight lean that helps to create a curl toward your eyelid. This will help to achieve a much more open, winged out effect that looks great.

5. Wiggle Wiggle

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Starting from the roots of your lashes, you should give the brush a little wiggle before you start to lift it through the lashes. This will ensure the branches of the brush are nice and secure in your lashes and are covering individual hairs really well.

6. Super Close

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You should try to gently press on your eyelid so that your lashes pop out as much as possible. The closer you can get your brush to the lash line, the better the final look will be.

7. Bend Your Wand

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Don’t be scared to bend the mascara brush in order to get the perfect angle for yourself when applying. Just because it is sold straight, it doesn’t mean that it has to stay that way. Find the angle that works best for you and keep it that way.

8. Condition

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Did you even know that you can condition your lashes? There are plenty of products out there that are made especially to strengthen and hydrate lashes. Just one coat in the morning before applying your mascara and then one coat at night before going to bed can really make your lashes silky and healthy.

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