The Best Tips for Mascara Application Ever ...


I'm here with the best tips for applying mascara. It would be fair to say that out of the all the different products that come together to make up a perfect makeup bag, mascara is one of the most important. The ability to apply mascara in a successful way can be the difference between failing in your look and absolutely perfecting it, so it’s important to really know what you are doing! Mascara is one of the most important elements of a makeup look, but unfortunately it is also one of the most difficult to perfect. No fear, though, if you read through this list of the best tips for applying mascara, you will be totally fine!

1. Bottom to Top

You should always start with applying mascara to your bottom lashes first. Once that is done, apply mascara to your upper lashes, but always start from the inside corner. This is one of the best tips for applying mascara that you'll ever find.

Up and down, Side to Side