8 Colored Eyeliners to Wear This Fall ...

Skip boring and basic black this season and inject a pop of color into your beauty regime with these 8 colored eyeliners to wear this fall. From rich jewel tones to electrifying shades, illuminate your eye’s natural sparkle with bold colored liners that are ready to dazzle. Enchant your eyes with ease using these simple standout colored eyeliners to wear this fall and let your eyes come to life.

1. Violet Eyeliner

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Add a striking twinkle to your eyes with violet eyeliner. This royal shade makes brown eyes richer, greens brighter and blues more intense, for a universal flattering color on all eyes and skin tones. Opt for violet eyeliners as an alternative to black when creating a smoldering smoky eye for evening or add a bright, youthful burst to upper and outer lower lashes for vivid color during the day.

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