Funky Eyeliner Colors You Have to Try ...


Eyeliner is an essential part of makeup, adding definition to the eyes and making them stand out. And while you can't go wrong with classic neutral eyeliner colors like black and grey, sometimes it's fun to experiment and try a bolder color. Here are some funky eyeliner colors you have to try …

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Kat Von D Ink Liner in Dali

Kat Von D Ink Liner in Dali If you want a liner that will really last, then turn to Kat von D's Ink Liner. 'Dali' is a lovely teal green that will look particularly good on brown eyes. If teal isn't your thing, there are other shades of blue, so there's something to suit everyone. This eyeliner is waterproof, and claims to last up to 24 hours - that's persistent!


Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter in Junkshow

Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter in Junkshow This eyeliner isn't for shrinking violets! It's a glittery pink that will make you stand out from the crowd. Glitter makeup is perfect for clubs, parties and fancy dress, and will make you sparkle like a star. If pink isn't your thing, try the purple or blue version instead.


Sephora Felt Liner in Bonfire

Sephora Felt Liner in Bonfire Mark the arrival of fall with this terracotta eyeliner, which will suit hazel, green and brown eyes. It will really bring out the colors in hazel eyes. Blue eyes can try it as well. Like the Kat von D liner, it's waterproof. Felt liners are great if you're not very confident in your ability to draw a neat line, as they allow you to have more control over the liner.


Smashbox Photo Angle in Plum

Smashbox Photo Angle in Plum Plum and other shades of purple are perfect for wearing if you have hazel or green eyes. Why? Because they're opposite green on the color wheel, and opposites work as complementary shades. If you want a brighter shades, you can try the lilac liner in the same range. It's another long-lasting liner, so you won't get any annoying smudging!


Touch in Sol Style Neon Gel Liner in Astral Ice

Touch in Sol Style Neon Gel Liner in Astral Ice This electric blue liner will really stand out! Forget the advice that you shouldn't match your liner to your eyes; blue-eyed girls can wear this if it's darker than their eyes (blue actually comes in different shades). A good way to wear a color as bright as this is to smudge it on top of a black liner.


Ardency Inn Modster Supercharged Eyeliner in Lemon

Ardency Inn Modster Supercharged Eyeliner in Lemon And here's a liner that's even more eye-catching. It's an incredibly bright neon yellow, so not for the shy. African American women look stunning with bright jewel colors, but anyone could wear it if they want an Eighties-inspired look. Smudge it with a neutral liner for just a hint of color.


Stila Stay All Day in Emerald

Stila Stay All Day in Emerald If you want a colored liner but don't want to go too extreme, try green. This emerald liner is strong enough to be different, but won't shout 'Look at me!' This range is particularly strong on blue/green shades, but there's also a lovely amber that would look stunning against blue eyes.

The beauty of eyeliners is that you can pick up some great ones for just a few dollars; there's no need to spend a lot. So you can add a pop of color and ring the changes without investing in expensive new makeup. Treat yourself to a rainbow of eyeliners!

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NYX Cosmetics has great colors too

Sephora brand has A LOT of colored eyeliners they sell. I'm sure you can find something to enhance your eye color. And they are only $10-12!

Me too, Ruby!

Wish there were more bright shades that would look good with blue eyes :/

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