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After going through old makeup a few weeks ago, I uncovered quite a few common makeup items you don't actually need. While you might use them, they're not vital to your daily makeup routine. Skip these items and you'll notice the same thing I did. It takes far less time to apply and you still look incredible. Go ahead, clean out your makeup drawer and skip a few steps each morning.

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Eye Liner

Unless you're going for ultra dramatic, you don't need eye liner. You can get the same effect by using the edge of an eye shadow applicator or an eye shadow pencil. Plus, you get the added benefit of your liner and shadow matching. For a darker line, dampen the tip of your applicator before putting shadow on it. This creates a much darker line. Just be sure to apply foundation first and use water proof shadow to help the line last longer.



Another common makeup item you don't need is primer. Many foundations already have primer built in. For most of us, a long wear foundation is all that's needed. After all, do you really need another layer of makeup on your face? If you really think primer is a must, buy a foundation with primer already included. It'll help you skip a step and keep your pores from makeup overload.


Lip Liner

For the most part, lip liner isn't as popular as it used to be. Sure, you still see it sometimes, but between the plumping and no-bleed lipsticks available, it's not a necessary makeup item. Lip liner is normally used to give the lips more shape, make them look larger and keep lipstick on longer. All day wear lipstick with a layer of foundation underneath gives the same result. A plumping lip gloss gives you more volume without trying to perfectly outline your lips everyday.



Personally, I'm a huge fan of highlighting and contouring. Yet, I don't really see a need for a separate highlighting product. A bit of light concealer, bronzer and luminizing powder does the same thing. Plus, they're items you likely already have on hand. Of course, it you don't use these items, a highlighting cream or stick is a must have. Usually, I get the same result by using concealer and bronzer.


Indeed, highlighting can seem essential for that sought-after glow, but it's often more about technique than hoarding specialized products. For an everyday look, mixing a bit of your regular moisturizer with your foundation can achieve a subtle sheen, accentuating your features without the need for a separate highlighter. Furthermore, strategically applied eye shadow with a touch of shimmer can double up as a highlight on the high points of your face. Simplifying your routine not only saves time but also allows you to become more creative with the products you already own.


Multiple Individual Concealers

I jumped on the concealer train years ago and had a drawer full of different types. It wasn't until I got tired of digging for the right color for each flaw type that I realized I didn't need multiple individual concealers. I opted for a simple concealer palette with yellow, white and green. However, most days, a yellow based concealer is all I need. If you have redness or acne blemishes, a green is highly useful. Otherwise, dump the extra concealer.


Investing in a concealer palette has completely transformed my makeup routine. Not only is it space-efficient, but it's also versatile for any look or skin issue. The yellow helps to brighten the under-eye area on darker skin tones, while white can be used for highlighting purposes. But honestly, simplicity is key — stick to what matches your skin the closest and use it to your advantage. After all, our beauty bags are precious real estate; there's no need to clutter them with products that serve the same purpose. Conserve your space and your time, and embrace a streamlined approach to beauty.

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I've never been a huge fan of blush. With pale skin, even the lightest pink or beige made me look like I'd been slapped. Blush is supposed to give your cheeks a natural glow. I say it's a makeup item you can skip. Bronzer gives you a much more natural glow. Top with a luminizing powder and you'll look far more alive and vibrant than you could with blush. Plus, you don't run the risk of over application and the dreaded clown look.


Setting Powder

I know many of you won't agree with this one. Setting powder is usually the finishing step to help set your makeup for the day. However, I've found most of us apply too much and it causes dry skin, wrinkles and fine lines to look like bulls-eyes on our faces. Instead, use a luminizing or translucent powder very lightly. It helps highlight your face while setting your foundation and concealer without filling up your pores and fine lines.

I know we all of our favorite makeup items, but these are items you don't really need. Imagine having less makeup clutter to go through each day. Trust me, you'll save time, money and hassle by getting rid of these and multi-tasking with other items instead. Are you ready to give these common cosmetics up?

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Once again ladies as I usualy say less is more Lol I totally agree with this article I dont know why some ppl put makup on like christmax tree in my opinion it looks totally fake and clownesh makup is to make us look healthy and cover flaws not to makeus pastries . Good post!!

Any suggestions of foundations with primer in???

All the points you made were just based off your opinion....

So because you have pale skin and blush looks bad on you, everybody else should stop wearing blush....?

Come on, eyeliner is a must have.

This article is a common opinion we don't need

Blush and eyeliner are my best friends, i can do without many things, but not these two.

I say if you're starting new to makeup, lip liner is a must. A cheap one would work fine. It makes it easier to apply your lipstick and stay within the perimeter of your lips so it looks clean!

How does bronzer give you a natural glow? Last time I checked I go pink when I 'glow'...and how would I do my signature sharp winged liner with eyeshadow?

This is one of the worst lists I've read! So many of these items are essential in my book..

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