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13 Breathtakingly Creepy Halloween Makeup Ideas from Instagram ...

By Anais

It's October and long before you know it Halloween will be right around the corner. And that's why you are probably looking for creepy Halloween makeup ideas from Instagram. Good news! There are some amazingly creepy Halloween makeup looks on Instagram. These Instagrammers have created breathtakingly scary looks from Pennywise to a dark princess Jasmine and everything in between. As you can imagine, there are loads of creepy Halloween makeup ideas from Instagram. Any of them will have you looking your scary best this year.

1 IT - Pennywise by Promise Tamang

face, clown, nose, head, supervillain,@promisetamang

2 Kubo and the Two Strings - Evil Twin Aunt by Promise Tamang

headgear, mannequin, mime artist, costume,@promisetamang


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3 Dark Princess Jasmine by Queen of Luna


4 Calavera Rosa – Pink Skull by Luvekat

pink, face, flower, beauty, head,@luvekat

5 Easy Dark Makeup Look by Promise Tamang

eyebrow, human hair color, chin, forehead, black hair,@promisetamang

6 Blood Thirsty Woodland Fairy by Brookelle McKenzie

human hair color, blond, forehead, lip, hair coloring,@bybrookelle

7 Colourful Skull by Kaushal Beauty

face, eyebrow, beauty, lip, eye,@kaushalbeauty

8 Zombie by Nikkie Tutorials

eyebrow, lip, nose, chin, mouth,@nikkietutorials

9 Melting Skull by Desi Perkins

face, eyebrow, beauty, nose, chin,@desiperkins

10 Halloween Cat by Makeup by Shayla

hairstyle, black hair, long hair, black model, music artist,@makeupshayla

11 Frosty Ice Queen by Katie Mulcahy

hair accessory, headpiece, eyebrow, jewellery, beauty,@lolaliner

12 Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf by Nikki French

supervillain, girl, fictional character,@nikkifrenchmakeup

13 Undead Unicorn by Tiffany Hunt

face, head, masque, hair accessory, headpiece,@illumin_arty

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