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9 Amazing Sultry Makeup Tips ...

By Sophia

Knowing a few sultry makeup tips will help you create that smouldering, sexy look. Not all sultry makeup looks have to be dramatic either. Sometimes something as simple as a neutral lip or groomed brow can help to create a sultry look. Add some glamour to your beauty routine with these sultry makeup tips.

1 Winged Liner

One of the most effective sultry makeup tips is to work the winged eye liner. Even the slightest wing can add a tonne of drama. Line the eyes first with a pencil liner to create a sort of guideline. Then, grab a liquid or gel liner and apply to your lash line in one smooth motion, flicking up at the outer corners of your eyes.

2 Smoky Eye

There’s no doubt that smoky eye makeup is at the height of sultriness. However, it can be difficult to achieve, depending on your skill level. They key is to layer your eye shadow on gradually to create depth and drama.

3 Red Lipstick

You can’t go past a classic red lip. It’s glamorous and sexy and will definitely add some drama to your look. To make your red lipstick last, line and fill in your lips with a lip pencil first and then apply your lipstick over the top.

4 Filled in Brows

Frame your sultry makeup look by paying attention to your brows. A well groomed brow will complement and frame both dramatic and minimal makeup looks. Brush your brows to create a bold arch and then fill them in with a matching coloured pencil or powder.

5 Plump Lashes

No sultry eye makeup look is complete without a lashing of mascara. Go for a mascara that will lengthen and plump up your lashes. Avoid applying multiple coats of mascara, as this can lead to lashes sticking together and clumping. If you really want to play up your lashes, try applying individual lashes towards the outer corners of your eyes.

6 Neutral Lips

A neutral or nude lip can be just as sexy as a classic red lip. If you’ve got a lot going on with your eye makeup, then a nude lip balances it all out well. Make sure they’re well moisturised and apply a lipstick that matches your natural lip colour. Then add a coat of clear gloss to finish off that sultry pout.

7 Metallic Lids

If dark, smoky eyes aren’t your thing, then you can always take the metallic angle. Bronze and gold eye shadows are great for creating a warm, sultry look. Blend them in with brown shimmery shadows to add some extra dimension and warmth.

8 Flawless Finish

We all can’t be blessed with clear skin (the injustice!), but a bit of makeup can help create a flawless finish. Avoid heavy matte foundations and choose one with a dewy (but not oily) finish to create a sultry glow. Finish with a flush of colour to the cheeks for a natural makeup look that’ll work all year round.

9 Bronzer

Create a sultry, sun kissed look by dabbling on some bronzer here and there. On your face, apply it to your cheekbones and areas where the sun naturally hits first. Pay attention to your décolletage and remember to apply bronzer to these areas as well. Apply bronzer with a big powder brush to create a more subtle, natural looking finish.

These are just some tips to help you achieve a sultry makeup look. They’re perfect for complementing your evening looks or if you just want to add a little bit of glamour to your day. Do you have any tips for a sultry makeup look?

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