7 Easy Ways to Apply Foundation ...

By Heather

Learning how to apply foundation correctly and easy isn't hard if you have the right tips and tricks to follow. I've been using foundation for years and until a few months ago, I had no idea that I was putting it on wrong! If you are finding that you have streaks of color or that you aren't picking the right foundation colors, don't worry! I've got the top 7 tips and tricks on how to apply foundation! So ladies, take a look below and let's learn how to apply foundation easily!

1 Match Your Shade

Very, very important girls! You always want to make sure that you are matching the foundation color to your skin type. A great way to do this is actually to place a little dot of foundation on your hand. Rub it in, wait a few seconds and see how it looks. If you can't see the dot anymore, you've got the right shade!

2 Pressed or Liquid?

After you've got your shade, the next tip on how to apply foundation is deciding what type of foundation do you want. Are you thinking about liquid? Are you thinking about pressed? For me, I like liquid – I actually really love the Dream Matt Mousse from Maybelline – it's my fav! What's yours?

3 Moisturize before

Whenever you are learning how to apply foundation, it is important for your skin to be smooth and soft. After all, you are using your skin sort of like a canvas right? So make sure that you moisturize your skin before you put your foundation on. After you moisturize, wait a few minutes and then put your foundation on. You want to make sure that your moisturizer is all soaked in before you start to paint away with the foundation.

4 Use a Foundation Brush or Sponge

There are tons of different methods that you can use to learn how to apply foundation, but the instrument that you use to put it on is important too. You shouldn't really use your fingers, instead, why not get a foundation brush or a sponge? For me, I use the beauty wedge sponges and they work great!

5 Start at the Nose

Whenever you are using foundation, especially when you are using a brush, you should start at your nose. From your nose you can go to your cheeks, chin and finally up under your eyes and around your forehead. Keep in mind, you do want to cover under your chin and along your jawline too and make sure you get your hairline! Remember ladies, blend, blend, blend!

6 Use Concealer under Your Eyes

If you are a girl that has really dark circles under her eyes or you are just looking to keep your eye makeup in check, you'll want to use concealer under your eyes. Concealer should go on before your foundation and should be blended really well. Make sure that you find the right shade of concealer too!

7 Let Foundation Set

Finally ladies, this is the biggest mistake that I made when I was first learning how to apply foundation. I never gave the foundation time to set after I put it on. Then, when I would go to put on any other makeup, I was constantly streaking my foundation. After you put on your foundation, go chill out for a few minutes before putting your powder on. It'll make a huge difference!

Finding the right ways on how to apply foundation for you isn't hard, you just have to get into a system. Whether you use a brush or a sponge, just make sure that you blend everything perfectly. So ladies, what are some of the other ways on how to apply foundation that you've learned over the years?

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