10 Essential Tips on How to Wear Bronzer ...


10 Essential Tips on How to Wear Bronzer ...
10 Essential Tips on How to Wear Bronzer ...

How to wear bronzer is a common question that tons of women ask. I know, before I started to wear bronzer, I used to ask the same question! So ladies, how do you wear bronzer? How do you apply it? Don't worry, I've got the top 10 tips on how to wear bronzer so you look beautiful and tan all of the time!

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Brown Tones

The first step that you're going to want to take when you're learning how to wear bronzer is the color. The shade of the bronzer is very, very important. You don't want to wear a brown tone that isn't going to suit your skin. Make sure you match up your tones and you'll be fine!


Mix Matte & Shimmer

One of the greatest things about bronzer is that you can actually mix it with things to make it stand out a little bit. When you mix your matte bronzer with a bit of shimmer and shine, you'll see a huge difference! It'll look absolutely beautiful and highlight everything from your cheeks all the way down to your jawline!


Circular Motions

Whenever you are using bronzer and learning how to wear bronzer, the important thing to remember is to use your brush in circular motions. That way, you can get even coverage throughout your face and it actually blends your bronzer in that much better. So ladies, how do you put on your bronzer?


Large Brush

Now that we've talked about the technique of the brush, the next thing that you're gonna have to know when you're looking for tips on how to wear bronzer is the brush you need. You absolutely need to have a large brush in order to apply the bronzer, that way everything will be even!


Add Shimmer to Cheekbones

Remember that shimmer that I was talking about earlier? You can actually add that on top of your bronzer right along your cheekbones. Not only will this bring out your cheeks, but you'll glitter in the light!


Mix Bronzer & Blush

If you are looking to brighten up your look a little bit and to add a little bit of color, mixing your bronzer and your blush will do that! For me, I use powder forms of both, that way the mixture is even. Heck, you could even add a little shimmer as well!


Choose the Right Formula

There are tons of different formula and brands of bronzer out there. You want to choose the one that works for you and works with your skin tone. For me, like I said above, it's all about the powder, however if you are looking for a little more coverage, the liquid or mousse might be better for you!


Get a Believable Color

Ladies, I know that I mentioned the brown tones above, but when you're looking for bronzer, you want to make sure that you are getting a believable color. You never want to buy a bronzer that is going to make you look like your fresh from the tanning salon. Get a believable color girls, it's so worth it.


Try Mineral-Based Bronzers for Older Skin

So I'm 28 and I can also see some of the little fine lines around my eyes. If you're looking to blend those in as much as you can, mineral-based bronzers are the ticket! I use all mineral-based powders and foundations, so the bronzer being mineral-based was a natural choice for me, but if you have a little older skin – try it. It'll absolutely work!


Light Touches for Lighter Skin

Finally, if you are fair skinned and are a little on the pale side, you don't want to pile on the bronzer, instead, you want to have some lighter touches. Just adding a bit of bronzer to your cheeks or even along your jawline can make all of the difference in the world!

So ladies, now that you know how to wear bronzer, are you going to start to do it? Bronzer for me was super scary, I didn't understand how it worked and what it enhanced. Now that you know some of the top ways on how to wear bronzer, what other tips do you have? Share 'em!

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I have matte bronzer of brown shade ill mix it with shimmer thanks .

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