8 Ways to Apply Makeup Faster ...

Learning how to apply makeup faster can really help you pull off the best look while running out the door! When I first started to work at 7am, I had to learn how to apply makeup faster because I only had 15 minutes from the time I got out of the shower to the time I needed to leave. So ladies, I've compiled all of my knowledge and below, I've got the top 8 ways on how to apply makeup faster but still keep your face looking beautiful!

1. Mascara

Mascara can take forever, but if you make sure to keep your brush clean (clean it at night before you go to bed, that's how I do it!), it'll not only make applying your mascara easier but it'll go faster! Just a bit of mascara can also go a very long way and you might even be able to forget about any other eye makeup! This is definitely one of the ways on how to apply makeup faster that's saved me a few times!