7 Fab Makeup Hacks for the Lazy Girls of the World ...


7 Fab Makeup Hacks for the Lazy Girls of the World ...
7 Fab Makeup Hacks for the Lazy Girls of the World ...

Lazy girls want to look as fab as all other girls in the world. So, why not use some of these fab makeup hacks in your beauty routine - to get the best results in shortest time?

Read on to see the best makeup hacks all lazy girls of the world (well, actually, ALL girls of the world) need in their life ASAP.

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For the Hottest Look in 10 Minutes - do on Fleek Winged Eyeliner with Soft Matt Eyeshadow ( Color of Choice) & of Course the on Fleek Eyebrows. Done!

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For a Date, Try Shimmery Pink Look Using Baby Pink & Hot Pink with a Tint of Gold Eye Glitter - Fast and Gorgeous!

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If You Only Have 5 Minutes - do a Totally Natural Look Accompanied by the Bold Red Matt Lip

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This is a Beauty Hack for a Lazy Girl Who Wants a Fuller Lip in 3 Minutes

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And This is How You do a Perfect Cat Eye if You Are a Lazy Girl

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Silence at the proper season is wisdom, and better than any speech.


Lazy Girls Plump Their Lips Using Peppermint Oil

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Smart Lazy Girls Use Business Cards or Note Cards to Get the Best Mascara Line

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I remember this commercial Sophia veragara did and she only use foundation, mascara and lipstick.


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