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Best Ways to Shorten Your Makeup Routine and Still Look Hot ...

By Alexandra

Keeping ways to shorten your makeup routine in your back pocket is essential, because waking up in the morning is a pain as it is. Us girls have it tough because we need to look our best, and that takes hard work. This is why we need to speed up the process in order to get our beauty sleep! Here are the best ways to shorten your makeup routine.

1 Place Makeup in Order of How You’ll Use It the Night before

beauty, girl, lip, brown hair, health & beauty,This is one of the best ways to shorten your makeup routine. Being organized can go a long way when it comes to speeding up your makeup process. Have it all laid out in front of you before you go to sleep.

2 Moisturize While in the Shower

flower, bride, photograph, woman, flower arranging,Not only does it help make your routine faster, but moisturizer also takes better to damper skin. By doing this, your skin will have that dewy look everyone craves.

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3 Use Concealer Instead of Highlighter

eyebrow, beauty, lip, eyelash, chin,Using concealer is a good way to make your eyes appear more awake. Highlighter is an extra step you don’t have to take.

4 Skip the Eyeliner

eyebrow, human hair color, beauty, chin, lip,All you really have to do is curl your eyelashes and put some mascara on, to make them to pop. Make sure to put mascara on your bottom lashes too, it will make your eyes look even.

5 Make Sure Foundation is the Only Thing You’re Applying to Your Skin

human hair color, eyebrow, beauty, hairstyle, chin,You don’t need to contour your face every day. Also, it’s important to remember that the clearer your skin is, the easier it is to apply foundation. So, always make sure to keep your skin clean and clear.

6 Red Lipstick Solves All

lip, eyebrow, beauty, cheek, eyelash,There is nothing like statement lipstick to take a look from, “decent” to “WOW” in seconds. Red is an eye-catcher. So, if you’re looking to be bold, go for red!

7 Do Your Hair the Night before

hair, human hair color, beauty, long hair, black hair,If you want to straighten your hair, it’s easy to do that the night before, and have it looking almost perfect in the morning. If you want to curl your hair, it might be a little messed up in the morning, but all you need to do is touch it up, saving you a lot of time.

8 Use an Eyebrow Pencil, Not Powder

human hair color, beauty, blond, eyebrow, eyelash,Powder tends to be messy, and won’t look as good if your eyebrows aren’t already full. Using a pencil is great for creating hair-like definition for your brows. And, it’s more precise.

9 Stop Staring at Imperfections

eyebrow, eyelash, beauty, cheek, chin,We all do it. We stop to look at what we think is wrong. But that’s just a waste of time! That’s what makeup is for - to hide the imperfections, and make what’s already there look even better.

10 Be Confident with How You Look

eyebrow, face, skin, beauty, chin,You are beautiful with and without makeup. So if you don’t want to spend that extra half hour making sure everything is EXACTLY perfect, don’t do it. Be confident enough to walk out of the house with minimal, or no makeup, and show the world your beautiful self.

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