6 Simple Hacks for Wearing Makeup at the Gym ...

If you are going for a run or hitting the gym, you will get all sweaty, which makes it impossible to wear makeup without a mess. That's why you need these magical hacks for wearing makeup at the gym. No more leaving with makeup all over the place and no more having to go out without any makeup at all. You aren't going to believe how great you look, even after an hour on the treadmill.

1. Go for a Colored Lip Balm Instead of Gloss/ Lipstick

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This is one of the best tips for wearing makeup at the gym because you may not be aware, but your lips always need to be hydrated. Apart from drinking plenty of water, your lips need some extra care, such as moisturizing. Applying a colored lip balm gives you an amazing glossy shine to your lips, along with protection from dryness. The best part? The gloss stays put at the gym way better than lipstick will.

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