8 Fabulous Makeup Tips for Asians Girls ...


Have you ever tried to find some fab makeup tips for Asian girls that actually work? Have you scoured the internet but can't seem to find a list of makeup tips for Asian girls that makes sense? Don't worry girls, I've got you all covered! I've got all of my top fabulous, unique and totally different tips for Asian girls that will make your beautiful features stand out flawlessly!

1. No Pink Undertones

When you have that beautiful Asian skin tone, you want to make sure that you are avoiding a lot of makeup that has a lot of pink undertones. This is one of the makeup tips for Asian girls that is constantly forgotten! You want to highlight the natural color of your skin, girls. Truthfully, a little bit of concealer with green undertones and foundation that has some green in it would be better. Avoid the pink – unless it's in your blush!

Primer First
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