42 Gorgeous Vintage Compacts to Make You Go Ooh

By Neecey

42 Gorgeous Vintage Compacts to Make You Go Ooh

When you reach in your handbag for your compact, do you pull out the manufacturer's one the makeup came in or do you carry something more personal - maybe even a vintage compact? I rarely wear makeup but I have a vintage compact inherited from my great grandmother that I'm really proud of. In the interest of just brining you something pretty to look at (and maybe get you wishing all modern compacts were just as gorgeous) here are some beautiful vintage compacts.

Table of contents:

  1. 1. Green Art Deco
  2. 2. Art Deco Red Breakers
  3. 3. Art Deco Guilloche Enamel
  4. 4. Art Nouveau Flower
  5. 5. Guilloche Enamel "Tango Compact"
  6. 6. Art Nouveau Birds
  7. 7. Compact with Clock
  8. 8. Victorian Compact Mirror
  9. 9. Vintage Limoges
  10. 10. Deco Red Enameled
  11. 11. Phone Compact
  12. 12. Silver Tone Powder Compact Purse with Chain and Finger Ring
  13. 13. Malachite Compact
  14. 14. Guilloche Enamel & Marcasite
  15. 15. 1950s Metal Compact
  16. 16. Kewpie Flapper
  17. 17. French Enamel
  18. 18. Gold Art Deco
  19. 19. Compact Mirror
  20. 20. Enameled Silver
  21. 21. Floral Rose
  23. 23. Chatelaine
  24. 24. 1960's Compact
  25. 25. Continental SOLID SILVER
  26. 26. Deco Roses
  27. 27. Bird in Hand
  28. 28. Celluloid
  29. 29. Heart
  30. 30. Art Deco PINK & Black
  31. 31. Stratton Airliner
  32. 32. Cornflower
  33. 33. Gold Stars
  34. 34. Cameo
  35. 35. Atkinson's Compact
  36. 36. Brown Compact
  37. 37. Pink Lucite
  38. 38. Yellow Pansies
  39. 39. Chinese Vase
  40. 40. Black Enamel
  41. 41. Victorian Hand Fan and Powder Compact
  42. 42. Red Jeweled Heart

1 Green Art Deco

Green Art Deco Via Let Me Powder My Nose

When it comes to vintage compacts, Art Deco was definitely the golden age. Art Deco was a style of the 1920s-1940s characterized by bold colors and geometric lines.

2 Art Deco Red Breakers

Art Deco Red Breakers Via Red breakers

Unmistakably Art Deco.

3 Art Deco Guilloche Enamel

Art Deco Guilloche Enamel Via Early Art Deco Ladies Guilloche ...

Enamel was the most popular material used to decorate compacts in the Art Deco period. Guilloche refers to a specific engine-turned process which engraves the enamel into intricate patterns.

4 Art Nouveau Flower

Art Nouveau Flower Via Compact Mirror - Art Nouveau ...

Art Nouveau was the artistic style that preceded Art Deco (1890-1920) and its main characteristic was the use of stylized organic forms.

5 Guilloche Enamel "Tango Compact"

Guilloche Enamel "Tango Compact" Via The Romance & Art of ...

This style of compact was "carried" by wearing the ring on the finger.

6 Art Nouveau Birds

Art Nouveau Birds Via Special Listing for Karen - ...

The Design is "The Swans" by Walter Crane.

7 Compact with Clock

Compact with Clock Via Fashion

An interesting combination of form and function.

8 Victorian Compact Mirror

Victorian Compact Mirror Via Unavailable Listing on Etsy

Victorian ladies would have carrying cases that might combine a few functions. This one was a mirror and a calling card case.

9 Vintage Limoges

Vintage Limoges Via Vintage Limoges Vintage Powder Compacts ...

All sorts of fine arts manufacturers made compacts. The town of Limoges in France has been making enamels since the 12th century and fine porcelain since the 19th century.

10 Deco Red Enameled

Deco Red Enameled Via 1061: Deco Red Enameled Compact ...

"Risqué" ladies became quite a feature of the Art Deco period.

11 Phone Compact

Phone Compact Via House of Schiaparelli | Compact ...

Vintage compacts were fun as well as beautiful. This is from the House of Schiaparelli and was made in 1935.

12 Silver Tone Powder Compact Purse with Chain and Finger Ring

Silver Tone Powder Compact Purse with Chain and Finger Ring Via Vintage Art Deco Compact Purse ...

This is dated to the early 1900s but is undeniably the Art Deco style.

13 Malachite Compact

Malachite Compact Via Ornate Malachite Box | 1stdibs.com

This vintage compact of 18k gold, malachite and precious stones from the late 1800s would set you back about $12,000.

14 Guilloche Enamel & Marcasite

Guilloche Enamel & Marcasite Via rubylane.com

Beautiful silver chasing and marcasite complements the jade green.

15 1950s Metal Compact

1950s Metal Compact Via Green Lucite Compact with Sea ...

This is stunning. The glittery seahorse is set into a Lucite surface.

16 Kewpie Flapper

Kewpie Flapper Via *Vintage Silver Art Deco Compact ...

I love how the rhinestones are set into the hat, although the illustration of the hat itself is sadly faded now.

17 French Enamel

French Enamel Via Unavailable Listing on Etsy

Flowers are a popular decoration on vintage compacts.

18 Gold Art Deco

Gold Art Deco Via Vintage Compact Mirror Powder, Art ...

The gold and black is so classy.

19 Compact Mirror

Compact Mirror Via pinterest.com

Combining two functions in one.

20 Enameled Silver

Enameled Silver Via Enameled Silver

This little darling dates to 1905 and was made in Austria.

21 Floral Rose

Floral Rose Via rubylane.com

Made in 1950 from sterling silver.


BAKELITE ROSES Via Electronics, Cars, Fashion, Collectibles, Coupons ...

Bakelite was an extremely strong form of plastic very popular between the 1920s and 1950s.

23 Chatelaine

Chatelaine Via Antique Sterling Silver Guilloche Enamel ...

A chatelaine is a collection of feminine tools usually hung from a belt. It generally held sewing items but this one has a compact too.

24 1960's Compact

1960's Compact Via Restoration: Can you repair my ...

So simple but so beautiful too.

25 Continental SOLID SILVER

Continental SOLID SILVER Via Items similar to HEAVY Continental ...

If silver is your thing, you'll love this.

26 Deco Roses

Deco Roses Via Vintage Compact Gorham Deco Roses ...

Got $300.00 to spend on a compact? Well it is silver. And it is from the 1930s.

27 Bird in Hand

Bird in Hand Via Salvador Dali 'Bird in Hand' ...

This is a Salvador Dali design from the 1950s and would cost you $2,800. It's made from gold plate and silver.

28 Celluloid

Celluloid Via le-boudoir-online.com

From back in the days when it was fashionable to smoke and it was okay for pictures to show it.

29 Heart

Heart Via diamondsandrhubarb.blogspot.com

This bears the signature of Fulco di Verdura and was made in 1948. It's made in gold and is set with tourmalines and aquamarines.

30 Art Deco PINK & Black

Art Deco PINK & Black Via VINTAGE Du Barry RICHARD HUDNUT ...

I like the elongated nature of this as you get to see more of your face.

31 Stratton Airliner

Stratton Airliner Via Stratton Airliner Compact

Stratton has been one of the most prominent makers of compacts in the UK since 1923. The one pictured is from the 1950s.

32 Cornflower

Cornflower Via Evans Cornflower Compact

Made by Evans in the 1930s

33 Gold Stars

Gold Stars Via Vintage Gold Stars Stars Confetti ...

A multitude of gold stars will make you feel like a star.

34 Cameo

Cameo Via Cameo Compact Russian Hallmarked C ...
Made in Russia between 1935 and 1945

35 Atkinson's Compact

Atkinson's Compact Via Atkinson's

Atkinson was an American company. This compact is tiny and measures 1-1/2 X ¾ Inches.

36 Brown Compact

Brown Compact Via Vintage Compact Evans Compact Silver ...

I don't know which hard stone it is but it works really well with the silver.

37 Pink Lucite

Pink Lucite Via Vintage Powder Compact Mirror Case ...

Am seriously in love with the confetti pattern in the Lucite surface.

38 Yellow Pansies

Yellow Pansies Via SALE Vintage Compact Yellow Pansies ...

Delicate and pretty.

39 Chinese Vase

Chinese Vase Via Art Deco Series Day 3 ...

Made in 1927 from gold and platinum and set with emeralds, sapphires, onyx and coral.

40 Black Enamel

Black Enamel Via 1930s Art Deco Powder Compact ...

Another stunning black and silver deco combination.

41 Victorian Hand Fan and Powder Compact

Victorian Hand Fan and Powder Compact Via Vintage Powder Compacts

If that compact held powder, I'd be worried about it opening and the powder flying everywhere as I wafted my fan about.

42 Red Jeweled Heart

Red Jeweled Heart Via rubylane.com

Wouldn't you feel special putting on your red lippy looking in this red celluloid compact?

What do you think of modern plastic compacts now you've seen the variety of stunning vintage compacts?

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