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21 Fabulous Eye Shadow Palettes Makeup Addicts Will Flip over ...

By Eliza

If you're anything like me, you love seeing all those eye shadow palettes lined up in rows at the drugstore. It's so much fun to try new make-up trends and there are so many affordably priced eye shadow palettes that let you give things a try without spending big dollars. Check out these great choices and you'll be inspired to start experimenting with your make-up.

1 Great for Pros

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If you want your eyes to look like you have a pro makeup artist on hand, this is the palette for you.

2 Matte Shimmer Eyeshadow

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They might sound like opposites, but you'll love how you can get a matte look with a little bit of shimmer at the same time.


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3 Perfect for Evening

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If you're going out for the night, this palette will have you ready to turn heads everywhere you go.

4 Mix and Match

Mix and MatchSource:
The big eye shadow palettes are the best when you want to try something new. This one lets you mix and match all the shades for new and exciting looks.

5 Shades of Chocolate

Shades of ChocolateSource:
Brown is an eye shadow color that works well for many people and this compact has lots of fun colors for you try.

6 A Bit of Color

A Bit of ColorSource: Sephora: Too Faced : The ...
Browns are fantastic, but I like this palette because it includes a few pops of color to shake things up.

7 Earth Tones

Earth TonesSource: : NYX Cosmetics Eye ...
My favorite eyeshadow colors are earth tones, so this palette is great for me.

8 Just the Right Size

Just the Right SizeSource:
I like these palettes because they only have a few colors and they are easy to toss into your bag when you need to take makeup with you.

9 Totally Neutral

Totally NeutralSource:
These colors are perfect for the office, but you can also glam them up for a night out on the town.

10 Layer It on

Layer It onSource:
Start with the lighter shades, then layer on the darker shades to create the look you want.

11 So Many Choices

So Many ChoicesSource:
Put this eye shadow compact in your make-up bag and you'll have any color choice you want when you apply your make-up.

12 Perfect Colors

Perfect ColorsSource:
I love that pink color - what a great choice for a night out with your friends.

13 Sandy and Glittery

Sandy and GlitterySource: Bobbi Brown Surf and Sand ...
These sandy colors are subtle and neutral, but the glitter gives them that something extra you crave.

14 Simple Look

Simple LookSource:

The colors in this combination of eye shadows are just right for a clean and simple look.

15 Fun Compact

Fun CompactSource:
Sometimes the look of the compact is just as much fun as the colors inside.

16 Shimmery

ShimmerySource: Stila Cosmetics Stila Cosmetics In ...
I love shimmery eye shadow, so this is a palette I definitely want to add to my collection. What do you think?

17 Natural Color

eye, eye shadow, organ, pattern, glitter,Source:
These colors are perfect for creating a natural look.

18 French Nude

French NudeSource:
This color palette brings together all the shades I love the most. What about you?

19 Ultimate Eye Shadow Palette

Ultimate Eye Shadow PaletteSource:
This palette from e.l.f. is super affordable and comes with everything you could ever want or need.

20 More Earth Tones

eye, brown, organ, eye shadow, face powder,Source:
If you prefer browns and other earth tones, you are in luck because you have so many choices, like this one from Stila.

21 Big and Beautiful

Big and BeautifulSource: Neutral Eyes - 28 Color ...
This one is big and has so many great colors. Use them for eye shadow or as a great smudged eyeliner.

Do you see a palette on this list that you want? What's your go-to shade?

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