How Much Make-up Should You Wear at Work?


Done correctly, make-up enhances your natural beauty and can be a professional choice for the office. However, it’s easy to overdo it and wear too much. Making a good impression and ensuring your co-workers that you are worthy of the job is easy to do if you can master the right make-up look. Here’s how to know if you’re putting on too much so that you can tone it down and look your best at work and anywhere you go.

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Highlight Your Eyes, Don’t Make Them the Star of the Show

Remember Mimi from the Drew Carey show? She is a prime example of too much make-up. You want to highlight your eyes by wearing colors that complement your skin tone without having to put on a ton of it. Choose neutral colors that make your eyes pop and stick on one coat instead of piling it on until no one could possibly take you seriously.


Subtlety is your ally when you're aiming for professionalism. Experiment with a touch of mascara and a light eyeliner to define your eyes. If you're drawn to eyeshadows, select muted shades that don't shout for attention. The key is to enhance your natural features gracefully. And remember, while a tiny bit of shimmer might be captivating in a dimly lit room, it's better to save the sparkle for social events rather than your 9-to-5.


Don’t Go Dramatic All over Your Face

You can certainly try a red lip or a smoky eye for work if you keep it appropriate. But doing both is too much. You want your make-up look to help you appear your best, not be so distracting that other people won’t be able to concentrate when you’re around.


Rely on the notion of one statement piece when applying your make-up for the office. If you're drawn to bold lips, let them stand out by keeping eye makeup subdued. Conversely, smoky eyes can be captivating, but pair them with a nude or soft-pink lip color to maintain professionalism. Balance is key; you aim to enhance your features subtly without overwhelming your overall appearance. This approach ensures that you present a polished and put-together image that commands respect without undermining your professional credibility.


Choose Colors That Aren’t Super Noticeable – No Hot Pink or Bright Blue

Save the big, bold colors for when you go out at night. Hot pink lips are too much for a professional atmosphere. Again, you don’t want to have so much make-up on that you’re distracting your co-workers. You want your look to be natural and lovely. Skip colors that are too bright and you’ll be just fine.


If You Have to Touch up All the Time, You’re Wearing Too Much

Your make-up look should be such that it makes you look professional and beautiful all day without having to trek to the bathroom every few minutes to glob on some more. If your look is so high maintenance that it’s obvious when it starts to fade, you are probably wearing too much. Tone things down so you aren’t stuck with constant touch ups and everyone will be happier.


Keep the Eyeliner Lines Thin and the Mascara under Control

There’s a place for super dramatic eyes, but the office isn’t one of them. Wearing eyeliner can make your eyes look wide awake and fresh, but a too heavy line won’t do you any favors, so keep it subtle. The same goes for mascara. A couple of coats is fine. More than that and you’re going overboard.


A subtle flick or a soft outline with your eyeliner can crisp up your look without being too intense. For your lashes, aim for definition rather than volume; clumpy lashes can look unprofessional. Choosing a waterproof mascara will also prevent any smudges that could occur during a long day. Remember the key is enhancement, not distraction. By maintaining a precise and natural appearance, you can ensure your makeup enhances your professional image rather than detracting from it.


Stay Away from Big Chunks of Glitter

You definitely don’t want to shine like a disco ball when you’re at work. Shimmer and glitter are not the same thing and you want to use the former, not the latter. Too much glitter and you’ll look like you’re headed to the club. A slight shimmer on your eyes or cheeks is feminine and professional and gives you a fresh, healthy look. Stay away from anything that is too big and bright and you’ll be good to go.


Have People Commented on Your Look?

Even if you look drop dead gorgeous, if your boss or co-workers have approached you about your make-up look, it might be time to tone things down. Professionalism is the name of the game and wearing too much product isn’t going to get you there. Keep it natural and light at the office and save the big-time look for your next night out on the town.

How much make-up do you wear to work? Will these tips help you get it just right?

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As little as possible

It really depends on who you are and where you work. At my work (medical hospital) there is people who go bare and people who put on full faces with red lips and everything, and everything in between. But it's not wrong or "too much" because they feel confident and comfortable in it and it has zero to do with their ability to do their job. My mom works in an office, and isn't a makeup person, she just wears mascara, but there are people who go full eyes, lips, and face. Does it mean that one works harder or better than the other? Nope. It just means one likes to wear makeup and one doesn't.

(I wish this site works let you edit your typos.)


Dennall she looks like she had plastic surgery, but anyway who puts that much makeup for work(or school) anywAy? U should just go with the no-makeup makeup look

Wow rude much chocolatelovee!! It's an article about make up, she may be good at contouring and such like, no every girl that's pretty has had plastic surgery!!

Being a hair/make up artist, it's so important for us to look the role of a professional. Primer, foundation, concealer, powder, contouring with highlighting/blush/bronzer, brow pencil, neutral eye shadow, liner, mascara primer, mascara, lipstick/gloss.

Not liking the eyebrows. They are very fake looking and I understand that eyebrows are all the rage but hers are a bit much

Dennalll and Maame geez. It looks to me that she kinda loos like shes had plastic surgery or just a lip injection. Thats not even rude. U guys dont even know the definition if rude anymore. Surre maybe she overlined her lips or maybe something like that, but there is a possibility she mightve had lastic surgery. It isnt rude to say things like that, u should no better, and people can hav their own opnions, i just stated mine. Besides, im assuming that anyway, so u hav no right to tell me whats rude and whats not

There are people *

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