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How to Always Choose the Right Shades of Makeup for You ...

By Carly

When you first start to wear makeup, you might be mistaken and think that it is as easy as picking up your mom’s or big sister’s product and having a go for yourself, but it doesn’t take long to realise that this isn’t the case! The number one factor in achieving a stunning makeup look is picking the right shades for your natural skin tones and colouring. If you are using products that don’t suit or match you, it can look as bad as straight up clown makeup! Here is how to always choose the right shades of makeup for you.

1 Eye Colour

You need to consider your natural eye colour when choosing make up products. Matching your eyeshadow to your eye too symmetrically can result in a robotic monochromatic tone that isn’t ideal. You need instead to find a shade that allows your natural eye colour to stand out against the makeup. For blue eyes, go for browns, roses and terracottas. For brown eyes, go for plums, forest greens and greys. For green eyes, purples are always a strong choice.

2 Hair Colour

Your hair colour has a lot to do with the kind of make up you should be wearing. For blondes, light pink shades are always a solid bet, along with silvers and greys for special occasions. If you are a redhead, then yellow-based foundation is the best starting point, and try to avoid overly red lips. For black and brown hair, rich lip colours are essential, and you have the benefit of being able to experiment with different blush and eyeliner colours more than other hair tones.

3 Face Shape

Not only does the natural colouring of your face and hair play a big part, but also the physical shape of it as well. Diamond faces need contouring to add fullness to their jaw and forehead. Oblong faces benefit from lots of highlighting on the cheek. Heart shaped faces need lighter foundation to round out the chin. Round faces look great with extended winged eyeliner. Square faces Look amazing with a plumped up, dramatically coloured lip. Oval faces should adhere to the trick of emphasising your lips or your eyes, but never both at the same time!

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