Makeup Mistakes to Avoid on a First Date ...


You might not think so, but itโ€™s a fact that first date makeup usually has a little more riding on it than everyday makeup! You want to make sure that you are putting the very best impression across with your aesthetic, perhaps trying to walk that fine line between looking hot and sexy but still looking approachable and not intimidating for your date! There are lots of things that you should do for first date makeup, and on the other side of the coin there are things that you should definitely NEVER do! Here are some key makeup mistakes to avoid on a first date.

1. Glitter

You want to come across as suave and sophisticated on a first date, and glitter is something that evokes the total opposite of that! Being too shimmery and party-ready can make it look like you are trying too hard, and might intimidate your date if they were expecting something more casual.

Lip Gloss