How to Choose the Perfect Lipstick for Your Skin Tone ...


Are you wondering how to choose the perfect lipstick for your skin tone? I’ll be the first to admit that I’m somewhat of an impulsive shopper, especially when it comes to makeup. If I see one of my favorite celebs or bloggers wearing a particularly flattering shade of nude lip gloss, I’m clicking on that affiliate link faster than Kyshadows selling out. As a result, I’ve bought many items that don’t match my skin tone more times that I’d like to admit! You can never be 100% sure something is going to look good on you until you try it out, unfortunately. If you can relate to this all too familiar makeup beauty predicament, we’ve consulted some trusted beauty sources on how to choose the perfect lipstick for your skin tone. Keep reading to see what we discovered!

1. Figure out Your Undertone

How well do you know your skin? Are you aware of your undertone? Some recommend looking at the veins on your wrist to see whether they’re more blue or green. Bluish veins typically translate to pink undertones, greenish veins mean a warmer, yellowish undertone. If you’re like me and they appear equally green and blue, it means you have a neutral undertone and you can wear just about any color. Another way to tell is by the shade of your skin. Fair skin tends to have cool undertones while olive or golden toned skin have warm undertones. If you’re still unsure, try Googling cool undertone and see if you match any of the images in the results.

Find What Works with Your Undertone
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