Expert Advice on Contouring for Your Face Shape 🧡 ...


Wondering how to contour for your face shape? Since summer is almost here it's time to learn everything about contouring and bronzing. You need only a blender brush, contour brush, contour palette and bronzer.

There are some helpful tips when it comes to learning how to contour for your face shape:

- Bronzer shouldn't be 3 to 4 shades darker than your skin tone.

- It should be applied to the high points where the sun naturally. touches. Like your forehead, the bridge of your nose, cheekbones, and chin.

- Use cream or liquid foundation with a cream based contouring product.

- If you're powdering use a powder or powder foundation combined with a powder-based contour product.

Read on for more directions for specific face shapes.


Start from the centre of the forehead and very softly shade a C shape around the hairline. A great tip is to keep a clean brush on standby to help you blend. And if you want to shorten the length of the chin, gently shadow under the chin area. Make a very soft contour under the cheekbone. Most heart-shaped faces have great cheekbones so don't skip this point.