How to Wear Red Lipstick like a Model ...


Wondering how to wear red lipstick like a model? For as long as makeup has existed, there has just been something special and especially sexy about deep, dark, deadly red lipstick! From the Golden Age Hollywood stars who were the epitome of glamour to the realty TV celebrities of today who never leave the house without looking their best, red lipstick is one particular accessory that is never going to go out of fashion. However, for something that is so popular, it can often be hard to perfect just how to wear red lipstick in the way that it really should be worn. To make sure that you end up looking more like Marilyn Monroe than Marilyn Manson, check out my top five tips for how to wear red lipstick like a model!

1. Choose the Correct Red

To guys, red is red, but when you’re a woman who loves makeup you know that that just isn’t true! There are literally hundreds of shades of red lipstick available on the market to choose from, and it really makes all the difference to test out a few different shades and see which one compliments your unique skin tone the best. Light skin tones do well with raspberry shades, whereas deeper complexions are best suited to cherry reds and purple reds. If you want to learn how to wear red lipstick like a model, finding the right shade is important.

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