7 Latest Makeup Trends ...


7 Latest Makeup Trends ...
7 Latest Makeup Trends ...

Latest Makeup Trends are always fun to look at. Like fashion trends, makeup trends follow certain cycles. Certain looks and makeup trends are favoured each season. One season it will be all about fresh, dewy makeup while the next will be about creating drama. The latest makeup trend also tends to complement the fashions of each season. Take a look at the latest trends for makeup below.

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All Shades of Red

This season is all about red lipstick. Luckily for you, there’s no one set shade of red that is in fashion. From deep reds to fun coral hues, anything goes! Choose one that best suits your skin tone and personal style. Experiment with different finishes, from matte to gloss to stains. As far as the latest trends for makeup go, the options are endless when it comes to wearing a dramatic red lip this season.


Cat Eyes with a Twist

Get practicing with a steady hand because cat eyes and winged eyeliner is where it’s at when it comes to the latest makeup trends. Reinvent the classic flick with several playful variations. Try a more dramatic wing that reaches the ends of your eyebrows, using coloured eyeliner, a square tip, or even double lines.


Power Brows

You may have noticed the latest makeup trend lately for thicker, bushier eyebrows. The pencil-thing eyebrow is a thing of the past. It’s all about bold, well-groomed brows. Create the appearance of thicker eyebrows by filling them in with pigment. Groom them by brushing them with a brow brush and setting them in place with a brow gel.


Bronzed Cheeks

Sport-chic will be a big fashion trend this season, and nothing complements a sporty aesthetic better than an athletic glow. Create the appearance of flushed, sun-kissed cheeks with a peach-bronze blush. Apply to the highest parts of your cheek bones to recreate a natural looking glow.


White Silver Metallics

Metallics are a popular fashion trend and this look is set to filter down into the latest makeup trends as well. White silver metallic powders and liners are a great way to subtly work this look into your makeup. Choose a product with a creamy finish so as to create the effect of a subtle shine.



If you look at the recent designer runway collections, you’ll see that many designers used embellishments to accentuate the makeup. From subtle pearl dots along the arches to the dramatic use of metallic foil on eyelids, embellishments are an interesting way to take your basic makeup up a notch or two.


Extreme Smoky Eyes

Most of the latest makeup trends seem to revolve around creating drama. I guess this is to counter the past seasons where minimal makeup was the dominant look. Many of the latest runways featured models with dramatic smoky eyes. Think smudged out blacks and greys both over and under the eye. It’s a look that requires plenty of confidence.

These are just some of the latest makeup trends that are set to dominate this season. Like most things, pick and choose which trends work best for you. It pays to experiment with different looks. What is your favourite makeup trend?

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