7 Beautiful Makeup Color Trends for Spring 2012 ...


7 Beautiful Makeup Color Trends for Spring 2012 ...
7 Beautiful Makeup Color Trends for Spring 2012 ...

Makeup color trends for spring 2012 are hard to follow right? Well ladies, if you're having problems finding the right makeup color trends for spring 2012, I've got the low-down on them below! I'll let you know what colors work best and even where to put them! So – take a trip with me and let's explore the top makeup color trends for spring 2012!

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Terra-Cotta Eyes

The first color that we are going to talk about is terra-cotta! This is a lovely, warm and orangey-red color that looks great with any eye color, especially green. I'm totally gonna try this the next time that I am looking to switch around my colors!


Coral Cheeks/Lips

Coral was a huge color last spring and I gotta say, for this spring it's going to be huge again! Coral is a color that has some orange hues in it and it looks great on any skin tone. Just remember, keep it to a minimum though, either do the lips or the cheeks, not both.


Coral is that perfect mix of pink and orange that warms up the complexion making it a springtime favorite in the makeup world. Whether you're going for a peachy blush or a bold coral lip, it's all about giving that fresh, youthful glow to your look. It's versatile too – softer shades work for a subtle, daytime appeal, whereas bolder, brighter corals make for a fantastic pop of color for an evening out. Just remember, the key is in the balance. Go for a luminous touch rather than overwhelming color to truly embody the spirit of spring!


Orchid Purple Shadow

Next up is orchid purple shadow! Orchids are exotic and different and so is this incredible color! For me, it's all about the powder shadow and just one sweep along your lid and right under your eyes will look beautiful, no matter what color eyes you have! This is absolutely one of the hottest makeup color trends for spring 2012!


Citrus Eyes

Now, I am not the hugest fan of yellow or orangish colors or even lime green, but citrus eyeshadow is popping out this spring! So, your first choice should be picking a color with a satin finish and spreading it onto your lids. For this one, avoid the shimmer, just because it will make you look younger than you are.


Cornflower Blue

The next makeup color trend for spring 2012 comes in the form of cornflower blue! Now, you could use this as an eyeliner, eyeshadow or even as mascara! You could also coat your nails in this incredible color if you're looking to add just a pop of color. For me, this color is beautiful and absolutely one of my favorites!


Ginger Sheen

There truly aren't a whole lot of colors that you can wear all over your face, but ginger colors are one of them. These colors are shimmery, warm and are great for people with fair skin – like me! Just remember to pick a shade that matches your skin shade and you'll be looking warmer and beautiful in no time at all!


Mauve Pinks

Finally, one of the makeup color trends for spring 2012 is all about pink. Mauve pinks are a little lighter and a little more purple than the standard bright pink. Personally, I have a ton of mauve pink eye shadows that look great with my green eyes!

Choosing the right makeup color trends for spring 2012 isn't easy. I know I have a hard time keeping up with the constantly changing trends right now! So ladies, what makeup color trends for spring 2012 are you gonna try out? Share!

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I love the simple coral cheeks and lips for spring! It's easy for daily wear :) Check out our new blog, we'd love to have you stop by! ~<3

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