7 Summer Eye Makeup Tips ...

I bet a lot of you could benefit from some fantastic summer eye makeup tips. Let's just face it-in summer, eye makeup seems to streak, run, smear and fade away before we even get out the door! This can be annoying, especially when you don't have time to re-apply or do touchups often. I know, I've been there myself! But with these great eye makeup tips for summer, you don't have to feel so annoyed anymore! You can prepare to kick back and enjoy your day without the fear of streaks or-worse-no makeup! These are the tips that have worked for me in very hot, humid and wet climates. You can rest assured I am giving you good advice! So please, keep on reading if you are interested in finding out 7 summer eye makeup tips that will give you an easier time of it!

1. Switch Products

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In the summertime, it's important to switch to products that can handle the heat. Cream eyeshadows, gel or cream liners and liquid liners just aren't meant to worn as much in humid times. They tend to melt and crease much worse! So switch to waterproof mascaras and liners, pencil forms, and powder eyeshadows. You will be amazed at the difference this summer eye makeup tip will have on your look!

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