7 Colorful Makeup Trends to Try ...


7 Colorful Makeup Trends to Try ...
7 Colorful Makeup Trends to Try ...

Colorful makeup trend styles change with each fashion cycle. Some seasons may be all about natural looking makeup while others gravitate around color. This is definitely one of those times where color is key. Be adventurous when it comes to makeup color trends this season. Take a look at a few colorful makeup trends worth trying out, below.

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Fuchsia Cheeks

Fuchsia Cheeks Fuchsia is one of the hottest fashion colors of the moment, and the same goes for makeup. One of the freshest ways to work this color trend into your makeup routine is with a flushed fuchsia cheek. Lightly apply the colour to the apples of your cheeks, gradually building up color as you go.


Tangerine Lips

Tangerine Lips Are you sick of tangerine yet? Well, get used to it because it is the ‘color of the year’ after all. The best part about this colorful makeup trend is that this sunset hue is flattering to all skin tones. Those with fairer skin should choose a brighter orange color, those with medium skin tones are best suited to burnt oranges, and those with darker skin should opt for more blue-based oranges.


Purple Lips

Purple Lips Your first response might be ‘no way’ when it comes to purple lipstick, but it doesn’t have to be as scary as you think. The right shade of purple could, dare we say it, look quite flattering. If a purple matte lipstick is too confronting, you can always try sheerer formulas or lip glosses.


Orange Eyeshadow

Orange Eyeshadow So the thought of orange eyeshadow may be a bit of a shock, but hear us out. Orange eyeshadow is great for making blue eyes stand out. It also accentuates brown eyes. If a bright tangerine or citrus shade is too much, opt for a softer coral instead. Since orange eyeshadow will command a lot of attention, keep the rest of your makeup fairly natural.


Electric Blue Eyeliner

Electric Blue Eyeliner Electric blue eyeliner is a colorful makeup trend that tends to stand the test of time. While it may conjure up images of 80s glam-rock looks, it can also be quite modern. A slick of electric blue eyeliner is a fun alternative to basic black.


Green Eyeshadow

Green Eyeshadow Green eyeshadow can really help make your eyes pop. You can go for a range of different shades of green, depending on your skin tone and what kind of look you’re after. Bright greens look great against fairer skin tones while muted and olive greens are well suited to darker skin tones.


Fuchsia Lips

Fuchsia Lips A bright lip is a simple way to incorporate the latest colorful makeup trend into your look. Go for a bright fuschia lip this season to add some punchy color to your look. Keep the rest of your makeup fairly simple to really let the lip color do the talking.

When trying a colorful makeup trend, remember that it’s about having fun with your look. Take a risk and remember that at the end of the day, it will always wipe off. Will you be trying out any of these colorful makeup trends?

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I think the electric blue eyeshadow and fuchsia lips will make a good combination to the look...what you say ?

I absolutely love your makeup tips, and I know I've recently asked you to do tips for green eyes. And now I'm confused! What makeups would go with my red/auburn hair?! I've been told pink, then absolutely no pink. Same with red, tangerine, and basically EVERY COLOR

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