Long-Lasting Makeup for Girls with Acne-Prone Skin ...

Whenever my skin would break out, I always faced the predicament of wanting to cover it all up but to also just apply some anti-acne cream and let it be. You know how it is, you feel like your face has been taken over by acne and as much as you want to cover it up, the thought of further clogging your pores with makeup just seems so counterintuitive. It must seem like a hopeless situation but we actually have options! There are plenty of helpful products with ingredients made to calm angry pimples and promote clearer skin. Check out these beneficial beauty products for calm, clear skin.

1. Bare Minerals Blemish Therapy

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Conceal while you heal blemishes with this handy dandy powder that contains ingredients to exfoliate, fight blemishes, and prevent future breakouts. So basically you can cover those pesky pimples up during the day while you prevent them from getting worse and coming back. If you’ve ever used Bare Minerals’ products then you already know this, but their products are really lightweight and give skin a very natural look that doesn’t look over done.
Available at sephora.com for $18

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