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The Best Eyeliner Tutorials on Insta That You Should See Right Now ...

By Lisa

How addicting are those makeup videos on Instagram? I could seriously spend hours watching people do eye makeup or do some sort of transformation. It's so satisfying because it gets straight to the point so you don't have to watch a long video to see the end result. One of my favorite types of videos to watch are eyeliner tutorials. Eyeliner is such a great way to emphasize and define our eyes but let's face it, it's not the easiest thing to do! If you're interested in learning how to do different types of eyeliner on your eyes, this makeup vids are a must-see!

1 Ombre Winged Eyeliner

How gorgeous is this blue and black ombre liner? This is the perfect way spice up your makeup when you're feeling a little bored or uninspired,

2 Super Thin Liner

The gold and brown eye shadow combo is amazing so a super thin liner is the perfect way to complement the bold colors! Subtle but still very sexy!


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3 Pink and Black

If you're tired of wearing the same old brown or black liner, mix things up by adding a colorful liner along with your standard dark liner. The end result is fun yet wearable way to elevate your eyeliner.

4 Smudged Cut Crease

I haven't dabbled in any cut creases yet because it looks hard but Amy's Makeup Box makes it look so easy! Have you ever tried doing a cut crease?

5 Smoky Eyeliner

Have you ever tried doing a smoky liner? It looks intimidating but having tape as a guide is sure to make it easier. This is a must-try!

6 Eyeliner Stencil

A quick and easy way to achieve the eyeliner shape you desire! I'd heard about brow stencils but never eyeliner stencils! Sounds like a great idea when you're in a rush!

7 Super Sharp Liner

Razor sharp flick makes your eyes look like a weapon! I love Nikkie Tutorials' take on this look. Even though there isn't any liner in the waterline, it still makes the eyes super defined.

8 Outlined Winged Liner

Dana Packett calls this a fun festival look but honestly, you could wear this out anywhere! I love the bright colors and the outlined wing is unexpected.

9 Rainbow Winged Liner

It doesn't get much better than rainbow winged liner! This look is not only fun and bright but you can wear it to show your support of marriage equality!

10 Soft and Smudged Liner

For those days you want to define your eyes but keep the overall look soft and smudged with a little bit of shimmer.
Sweet and chic!

11 Thick and Bold Liner

This liner look is perfect for those days you really want to make a statement! The pop of yellow and the white on the waterline really makes her eyes stand out.

12 Cut Crease with Ombre Liner

What do you get when you pair a cut crease with an incredible ombre eyeliner? Totally glam eyes! Watch this quick video to see how you can recreate this.

Which look did you like best? Will you try any of these out?

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