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Make Yourself Shine on New Year's with These Makeup Looks ...

By Eliza

There's nothing like a New Year's Eve party to make you want to try a new look. If you want an entirely different makeup style than you typically do, ringing in the New Year is the perfect time to go a little crazy and try something you've never done before. Need some inspiration? Here's more than you'll ever need.

1 Gold Glitter

Gold GlitterGold eye shadow is just about as perfect as it gets for New Year's Eve.

2 Blue Sparkly Eyeliner

Blue Sparkly EyelinerNew Year's Eve is the perfect time to try a color you wouldn't usually wear.


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3 Mega Cat's Eye

Mega Cat's EyeA super pronounced cat's eye is a fabulous idea for a party.

4 Matched with Your Nail Polish

Matched with Your Nail PolishMatching your nails to your eyes is never a bad idea.

5 Lots of Shimmer

Lots of ShimmerNew Year's Eve is definitely a night to shine.

6 Glitter underneath

Glitter underneathGlitter underneath your eyes is a wonderful idea, don't you think?

7 Pinky Gold

Pinky GoldWould you wear this color to your celebration?

8 Lots of Glamour

Lots of GlamourThe dramatic cat's eye and the deep red lipstick are just about as perfect as it gets.

9 Glittery Blue

Glittery BlueYou'll definitely stand out at the party with eye makeup like this.

10 Dramatic Lashes

Dramatic LashesI love how the eye shadow is subtle, but the lashes are perfect for a dramatic look.

11 Dark Smokey Eye

Dark Smokey EyeIf there was ever an event perfect for a smokey eye, New Year's Eve is it.

12 Disco Glitter

Disco GlitterAll eyes are going to be on you!

13 Perfectly Shaded

Perfectly ShadedCould you pull this look off for New Year's Eve?

14 Totally Different

Totally DifferentCan you imagine how awesome this would look with a little black dress?

15 Totally Perfect

Totally PerfectEverything about this look is perfect for New Year's Eve!

16 Gold and Red

Gold and RedYou can never go wrong with gold and red together.

17 Subtle but Gorgeous

Subtle but GorgeousThis look isn't over the top, but still looks wonderful for a party!

Which of these looks is the one for your New Year's Eve? How will you be celebrating?

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