7 Makeup Items You Don't Need to Spend a Lot on ...


Have you ever wondered which are the makeup items you don't need to spend a lot on? Some cosmetics are worth splashing out on, but if you can't afford to buy everything from premium ranges then you have to concentrate your budget on buying a few quality items. So what can you economise on? Here are the makeup items you don't need to spend a lot on

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One of the makeup items you don't need to spend a lot on is mascara. It's a waste of money to buy an expensive one if you won't use it up before it expires (mascara can get contaminated with bacteria if kept too long). A cheaper mascara can be just as good as a pricey one; the key issue is how good the brush is, as a good brush will allow for a better application.



You don't need to spend a lot on blusher either. Expensive blushers will have better pigmentation, but cheaper ones will do just as well if you apply it carefully. Pick the right shade in a cheaper range and apply with a blusher brush; build up the color rather than applying with a heavy hand.


Lip Gloss

Lip gloss tends to get wiped off very easily and so is reapplied frequently. This means that it's not worth spending a lot on. Buy a cheaper gloss and touch up as and when you need to. It's worth spending more on your perfect lipstick that you wear a lot, but you can economise on a lip pencil to go with it.


Nail Polish

Cheap nail polishes chip very easily, so it's worth avoiding very cheap brands unless you like changing your color a lot. But premium brands aren't necessary for your manicure to last; you can buy some good budget polishes. Just use a base coat and top coat to help it last.



It's not necessary to splash out on an eye pencil or liquid liner. One of my favorite eye pencils costs less than a couple of dollars, and it lasts all day. Keep your pencils sharp, and apply in tiny feathery strokes rather than a long line. This helps it look more natural.



Do you like experimenting with eyeshadow colors? Then pick your colors from the budget ranges, so that if you don't like it you haven't wasted a lot of money. There are some great budget palettes that have lots of different shades in them. You only need to splash out on a lovely neutral that you are going to use a lot.



If you wear powder just to set your foundation, then a budget powder will do just fine. It's worth splurging if you want a color-correcting powder or one that brightens your skin. Otherwise a budget powder will take the shine off your skin just as well as a more expensive one.

Of course, you can spend as much as you like on makeup items; the packaging of luxury brands makes them a pleasure to use. But if your budget is limited - as is the case for most of us - it makes sense to economise on cheaper products that serve their purpose, and spend a little more on the few items that are worth splashing out on. Are you a budget beauty or a luxury lovely?

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I honestly think this is very bad advice. You get what you pay for.

You should just spend on whats most important to you. I have really bad skin so I spend a lot on a long-lasting heavy foundation. But the best mascara I've ever used is lash-blast from covergirl for $8.

I disagree on the eyeshadow and powder.

As a makeup artist of many years I completely disagree! Consider the ingredients and what you're putting on your face. Certain products will give a lovely flawless finish and stay like that all day

*Does anyone know of great eyeliners that don't smudge??

I have NEVER found a cheap eye shadow that lasted and had good pigmentation. Spend more on it and anything you put directly on your skin.

Okay eyeshadow is defiantly one that you have to spend a lot of money on. Urban decay eyeshadow a are a lot more pigmented and last way longer than a drugstore type eyeshadow that will have fallout on your cheeks.

Hmm I disagree to some of it. Especially eyeshadow & powder. For eyeshadow I want it to be pigmented and last longer and I can't get that with drugstore type.. For powder, some people are prone to acne and they can't just use some cheap product as they can get breakouts. So I think it's good to pick a product that won't cause you any skin problem. If it means you have to splurge a little, why not.

A quality blush is good to have. It's a one time buy, and it's better.

eyeshadow is only one I don't spend a lot I use wet and wild colors its work very well.

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