7 Makeup Trends to Try out This Summer ...


If you are not living under a rock, you may have seen some blinding, glowing cheekbones, metallic lips, and tons of freckled faces on Instagram's makeup pages. These are the current trends that are taking over social media. In this article, you will find Youtube makeup tutorials on the perfect summer makeup trends!

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Highlighting is the number one makeup trend taking over Instagram, Sephora's and the entire cosmetics industry! "Strobing" is basically the concept of highlighting, except it is going on all of the high points of the face, including areas some may get oily and not necessarily want highlighting. However, for summer time, I believe a ton of glow is simply beautiful! In this tutorial, Nikkie Tutorials demonstrates how to strobe like a pro!


Cream Contour & Highlight

Contouring and highlighting has been around for a few years now. It is a favorited trend in the makeup industry. There are several ways to contour and higlight. You can do so using powders, creams, liquids, etc. Cream contouring and highlighting can look very natural and beautiful for the summertime! Here, the queen of Youtube, Jaclyn Hill, demonstrates how she likes to cream contour and highlight, with some tips and tricks!


Simple Summer Glam

There is nothing quite like a simple summer glam that is wearable for an everyday look! This kind of look is super easy to achieve, still flawless, and beats the summer heat! In this tutorial, Jaclyn Hill, demonstrates a full face makeup tutorial for a very simple, easy, everyday glam!


"No Makeup" Makeup Look

The "no makeup" makeup look refers to an extremely simplified makeup look that is basically covering and enhancing the most important parts of your face that will make a small but significant difference. This is not refering to dramatic changes or touches but rather subtle techniques like a little mascara, minimal to no eyeshadow, and just a hint of gloss. In this oldie but goodie video, Jaclyn Hill, demonstrates a gorgeous "no makeup" makeup look!


Dewy Makeup Look

A dewy makeup look makes you look like you are glowing from within! It is a perfect summer look for either day time at the beach or night time with your friends or date! It is a very sexy look to rock this summer. Makeup artist, Nikkie Tutorials, shows you how to achieve a gorgeous, dewy, luminous glow from within!

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Freckles have been all the trend on Instagram and in the industry! Makeup artists have been using different techniques to achieve the look of freckles unnaturally, so if you have them naturally, be confident and rock them this summer with a light layer of coverage! If you do not have freckles naturally, here is a tutorial by the gorgeous Amanda Ensing on how she likes to create the look of freckles using makeup!


Metallic Lips

Metallic lips are another makeup trend that is loved by so many in the industry! It is also a perfect trend to rock for the summer. There are many products on the market that give you the metallic lip effect, like some of the Kylie Cosmetics lip kits, Colourpop Cosmetics, and Milani Cosmetics, or you can create your own DIY metallic lip color as shown by Nikkie Tutorials in this video!

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Try to have more colorfull eyeshadow, orange or something

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