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Makeup is a part of every girl's daily routine but let's be honest, it has its totally-frustrating moments. We've all probably struggled with the same thing at some point so let's help each other out! After all, girls help other girls feel empowered, right? Here are some of the most common struggles and how to cure them:

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Is Your Mascara Making You Cry?

In case you didn't already know, mascara expires faster than any other cosmetic. You should be changing them up every 3 months but if you want to hang on to it for a bit longer, just make sure you're not using it past the 6-month mark.The older the mascara is, the clumpier it gets. That causes small particles to flake off and land in your eyes, causing your tears! There's an easy fix to this: set a reminder for yourself to make sure you buy a new one after the 3-6 month mark!


Is Your Lipstick Making Your Lips Dry?

"Lipstick's pigments are actually solid powders that prevent moisture from penetrating your lips," says cosmetic chemist Jim Hammer. "Matte versions are chock full of the stuff — the reason they feel like a clay mask after about 10 minutes." Sigh. That doesn't mean you can't still wear a bold color - a lot of brands are rolling out high-impact shades in buttery formulas. Try Rimmel Moisture Renew or Estée Lauder Pure Color LipShine.


Does Your Face Get Weirdly Itchy after a Mani?

I thought this was just me being weird but nope, it's a real thing! Turns out that nail polish is the leading cause of periorbital dermatitis (a facial rash that can develop around the eyelids when you touch your face post-mani.) "Lacquer is made with irritating solvents and plasticizers," says Hammer. To combat this, look for formulas that don't contain aggressive formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate, and toluene. "Many brands have ditched them, but check labels (or Google) prior to painting," says Hammer.


Is Your Foundation Making Your Skin Flare up?

Whenever your skin starts to break out, chances are that bacteria caused it. "Liquid formulas are usually made with water. If you put your fingers or a brush into it, microbes can easily form and multiply," says Hammer. So, try sticking with liquid foundations that come in a pump or tube.


Is Your Eye-shadow Making Your Eyes Sting?

We've all been there. The reason? "Blending loose powdered shadows onto your lids creates a dust bowl around your eyes, where particles can settle," says Hammer. "Your safest bets are cream and cream-to-powder shadows, which have zero fallout."

Did any of these tips help you with your makeup struggles?

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