8 Makeup Tips for Girls Who Hate Makeup ...

By Heather

If you're one of the girls who absolutely hate wearing makeup in every single form, this is totally the post for you – it's all about tips for girls who hate makeup! I can understand why you would hate makeup if you do, only because it's a pain to put on! If you are dying to try out the newest mascara or lipstick – but have no desire to actually purchase them because makeup is a time-suck, take a look at my tips for girls who hate makeup!

1 Why do You Hate It?

The top of my 'tips for girls who hate makeup' list is all about identifying exactly why you hate it. Is it a time-waste for you? Do you think it's pointless? Do you think you don't need it? These are all valid points and who knows, maybe you don't need it! Makeup is just an enhancement to your own beauty, girls, and not every girl needs it!

2 Time-Saving Tricks

If the time-suck is your problem with makeup, why not take into account some time-saving tips? Makeup doesn't have to take forever to put on. In fact, you can probably put it on pretty easily in the morning. In just about 10 minutes, you could apply mineral makeup, some concealer, some mascara and eyeliner.

3 Start Simple

If you haven't worn makeup in a really long time and are thinking about getting back into it, start simple. Just try a light lip or even go with some simply mascara. These are easy things that you can go with that won't take a lot of time or even a lot of practice!

4 Go Light

Going with a lighter look with your makeup is probably the best option when you really, really hate makeup. Start with just some concealer, just some powder, just a bit of eyeliner. Light colors are also some of the best ways to save time on your makeup too, as they aren't as dramatic.

5 Lip Gloss

If you hate lipstick (like me!), then don't wear it! Skip the lipstick and instead, go with something that is going to feel more comfortable, like a light lip gloss. It's better to wear something that is not too sticky but still feels good on your lips. That's the best way to ensure that you are wearing a little bit of makeup, but not overdoing it!

6 Don't Wear It

I know makeup isn't for everyone, so if you hate it – don't wear it! Nobody is saying that you have to wear it, girls, and I bet that you are all beautiful without it! If you're a girl who just really wants to go natural, don't worry about it! Natural is gorgeous too!

7 Good Products

Giving makeup a chance is also an option, and having really good products is incredibly important. I'm not telling you to go out and buy a bunch of the expensive makeup, but don't go super cheap either. Go with the medium-range and medium-price point makeup, that way you are getting quality, but still getting a makeup that won't break the bank!

8 Tutorials

Finally, if you hate makeup because you can't put it on correctly, tutorials are a great way to really learn all of the hottest tips and tricks! This is how I learned how to do all kinds of eyeliner tricks! There are a ton of makeup tutorials right on YouTube!

So, do you still hate makeup? If so, why? Do you think that you need it? There are tons of benefits of makeup, but if you really hate it, that's okay too! It's all about what works for you.

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