How to Perfect the Barely There Makeup Look ...

By Carly

How to Perfect the Barely There Makeup Look ...

Doesn’t it feel that, in the world of makeup, as soon as you have gotten hang one particular look, it immediately goes out of fashion to be replaced with the next big trend? Even more annoying when the next big trend is a look that results in you looking like you have barely got any makeup on to begin with! That’s right, the ‘barely there’ is the one that is doing the rounds right now. It might seem ironic that you would need to master a look like this when there is an option to wear no makeup at all, but trust me, there actually is a big difference! Here is how to perfect the ‘barely there’ makeup look.

Table of contents:

  1. wash
  2. moisturise
  3. foundation
  4. concealer
  5. powder
  6. blush
  7. eyes
  8. eyebrows

1 Wash

First of all, you need to wash your face thoroughly to get rid of all of the existing makeup and product that you might have on your skin. Use a nice gentle cleanser, but try not to use an exfoliant, because that will bring up a redness in your complexion that you don’t want with this look.

2 Moisturise

You only need a pea-sized amount of moisturiser here, just enough to make your skin soft and hydrated, but not enough that it will start to make your face look greasy. Anything that is infused with cucumber is perfect.

3 Foundation

When using your foundation, only apply it lightly to the areas on your face where you might have some problematic areas or over-pigmentation, you are looking for the opposite of a full coverage, cakey finish. And remember to blend, blend, blend even though you are only putting on a small amount!

4 Concealer

Again, using a small brush, only apply your concealer to the problem areas on your face. You can use it to concentrate on dark circles under your eyes if you have them. The theory for the barely-there look is that you shouldn’t be putting concealer on parts of your skin that don’t need concealing!

5 Powder

Add a light coverage of powder, just enough to eliminate a shine if you have skin that overproduces oils. Avoid bronzer, though, because it evokes an unnatural and artificial colouring look.

6 Blush

Pick a blush that is close to your ‘natural blush’ as possible. You are looking to accentuate your real features and colouring rather than putting a new shade on top of it all. You can also add a small amount of cream blush to your lips to enhance their natural pigmentation.

7 Eyes

When it comes to a barely-there look, sometimes curling your lashes is a much as you need to do. But if you can’t do without mascara, then it’s more natural to go for a light brown shade rather than a thick, dark one.

8 Eyebrows

By all means, fill in your brows if you have some spacing or patching, but for the barely-there look, you don’t want to create a super strong line. Blend your pencil in to make it look as natural as possible, you don’t want your brows to stand out from the crowd.

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