7 Spring Makeup Trends ...


7 Spring Makeup Trends ...
7 Spring Makeup Trends ...

Now that fashion weeks across the globe are coming to an end, the most popular spring makeup trends are the hottest topic right now. Across runways, the same trends have been seen across the globe. Here are some of the most popular spring makeup trends and how you can rock them day and night.

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Red Rover

Red Rover Break out the bright lipstick for one of the hottest spring makeup trends. Red lips have been seen on multiple runways and seem like the perfect way to make a bold statement in spring. The trick with red lipstick is finding the right shade for your skin type. If you are paler, try more of a fire engine red and make sure to add blush so you don’t look washed out. If you have darker skin, you can go with a more coral or peach tinted red.


Babydoll Lashes

Babydoll Lashes Embrace your inner Twiggy with baby doll lashes this spring. This trend is all about bold, full and clump-free lashes. The best thing about this trend is that it makes a statement and is subtle at the same time. Try offsetting the bold lashes with some white eyeliner to make the most of the hot trend.


Bold Brows

Bold Brows This trend started making some appearances in the winter, but has gone full swing as one of the hottest spring makeup trends. The key to this look is a bold defined brow that gives you a fresh clean-faced look reminiscent of the nineties. Find your brows' natural shape and fill them in with a brow pencil to achieve this strong but effortless look.


Have the Blues

Have the Blues Don’t worry, there is nothing to be sad about with this hot spring makeup trend. This season is crazy for bright blue eye shadow. This is particularly good for those blue-eyed babes because it will make your eyes pop with color. Invest in blue eyeliner that will kick your normal night out make-up to a whole new level.


Glowing Skin

Glowing Skin Glowing skin has always been in style, but this spring, it is a key to having one of the hottest spring makeup trends. Nothing is more natural than having fresh, radiant skin. To get this flawless complexion, pair a light reflecting primer with highlighter brushed along your forehead, nose, and cheekbones. Voila. You have achieved glowing, radiant skin to show off.



Neon The sun is out shining and so is your makeup. Whether it is on your eyes, lips, or maybe even cheeks, this spring is all about neon. Make a bright bold statement with a hot pink lip or stand out with some neon green eye shadow or mascara. Make sure you are ready for all the heads that will turn when you rock this hot spring trend.



Pastels How can it be spring without one of the hottest spring makeup trends being pastels? Nothing puts me in more of a spring mood than wearing soft and feminine colors like light pink, baby blue, and lavender. For blue eyes, swipe on some light blue eye shadow to make you eyes pop. If you have dark skin, opt for lavender eye shadow for a bolder statement.

All of these hot spring makeup trends are about having fun and standing out. This season, take a risk and try a new trend. Have fun with it and feel confident in your own skin. What did you think of these spring makeup trends? What are other makeup trends you have seen for the season? What is your favorite go to spring makeup regime?

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Love the fresh look .

Love the article! Trying all of them. Minus maybe the neon. Only one thing tripped me up - I'm normally a little bit skeptical of the argument that 'abuse' is a major theme in fashion photography. But, at first glance, I honestly thought the cover photo model had two black eyes! (Probably just my early ugrad fem theory courses playing tricks on me.)

I'm sorry, but no matter how trendy it is, I will never rock caveman eyebrows.

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