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7 Gorgeous Ways to Add Some Color to Your Face ...

By Alicia

We’re now in the midst of ugly January weather and if you’re like me then you’re looking for some ways to add some color to your face. Your lovely beach tan has faded away and you feel rather colorless. So what can you do to add some life back into your face? Let these 7 tips help you to get the gorgeous color you’ve been missing.

1 Let Self-tanner Warm You up

Let Self-tanner Warm You upThe first thing you can do is fake a tan. Self-tanner has come a long way since it first hit the shelves. There’s no reason you have to look like you haven’t seen the sun in days even if it’s true. Apply a very light layer of self-tanner to your face after you apply it to the rest of your body. Be sure to blend it well to avoid streaking.

2 Discover the World of Contouring

Discover the World of ContouringContouring is a hot trend in the makeup world right now and it’s easy to see why. The darker shades add definition to your face, making it look slimmer. The lighter shades of a contour palette are for highlighting, adding a bit off shimmer and punching up your eye makeup efforts. I got the Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit for Christmas and have had so much fun playing with it. Contouring and highlighting are unique ways to give your face color.

3 Get a Sun-kissed Glow with Bronzer

Get a Sun-kissed Glow with BronzerMany people think that contouring and bronzing are the same but there’s a difference. Contouring is for defining where bronzer is more for warming up your all over skin tone. Bronzer can be a bit tricky. It’s important to make sure you find a shade that doesn’t overpower your other makeup. Avoid any bronzer that goes on with an orange tone.

4 Don’t Neglect Blush

Don’t Neglect BlushBlush is one of the easiest ways to add color to your face. Most of us have some blush in our makeup bag even if we don’t use it daily. Cream blush is a great choice for the winter months. It applies easily and the finish is dewy yet natural. I love Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush in Pink Frosting.

5 Switch out Your Eyeliner

Switch out Your EyelinerThis’s something we don’t often think to do but it has a big impact. Most women tend to wear brown or black eyeliner but why not mix it up? Try navy, purple or even a charcoal if you’re a little nervous. The slightest changes in eye makeup can really make your eyes pop. Be prepared for a lot of compliments when you try this!

6 Go for a Bold Lip

Go for a Bold LipNude lips have been so popular as of late. But they don’t add a lot of color to your face which is what you’re craving in the middle of winter. Tuck your nudes back for awhile and try something a bit more colorful. My current favorite winter lipstick is NYX Extra Creamy Round Lipstick in Doll. Not only is it a lovely rosy red but it’s very affordable.

7 Pinch Your Cheeks

Pinch Your CheeksDon’t you hate when you’re out and you notice you look pasty and pale? Your blush is at home so that’s out. When you’re in this spot, lightly pinch the apples of your cheeks and watch a natural flush appear. You may feel a little funny doing this but it works. This’s actually a trick women used before they had access to true blush products.

These’re some ideas for adding color to your face. What’s your favorite way to do this? I love talking makeup with you!

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