How to Wear Smokey Eyes - as Told by 23 Celebs ...

By Jennifer

How to Wear Smokey Eyes - as Told by 23 Celebs ...

I confess: I'm not the best at smokey eyes, but I sure would like to learn! To hone my skills (okay, to "begin to acquire something remotely like any skills"), I've started stalking my fave lady celebs to see how they do it. Here are the looks that inspire me to try and smudge just a little better.

Table of contents:

  1. lily rose depp
  2. kate hudson
  3. natalie dormer
  4. daisy ridley
  5. keirnan shipka
  6. amanda seyfried
  7. rooney mara
  8. taylor swift
  9. zendaya
  10. natalie portman
  11. kirsten dunst
  12. amber heard
  13. nicole richie
  14. lupita nyong'o
  15. kylie jenner
  16. kendall jenner
  17. kristen stewart
  18. sienna miller
  19. jennifer lawrence
  20. joan smalls
  21. lily collins
  22. zoe saldana
  23. olivia palermo

1 Lily Rose Depp

I would also like to master her DGAF look, too, please.

2 Kate Hudson

I love her nude lip, too!

3 Natalie Dormer

4 Daisy Ridley

5 Keirnan Shipka

6 Amanda Seyfried

7 Rooney Mara

Someone name her the Queen of Smokey already, okay?

8 Taylor Swift

9 Zendaya

10 Natalie Portman

11 Kirsten Dunst

12 Amber Heard

13 Nicole Richie

14 Lupita Nyong'o

15 Kylie Jenner

16 Kendall Jenner

17 Kristen Stewart

The smokey eye is kind of her signature look.

18 Sienna Miller

19 Jennifer Lawrence

20 Joan Smalls

21 Lily Collins

22 Zoe Saldana

23 Olivia Palermo

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