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21 Makeup Infographics to Totally Change Your Thinking ...

By Jennifer

I use it almost every day, but it turns out, I know so little about it! I'm talking about makeup of course, and I've scoured all my favorite beauty sites to compile this list of helpful and informative infographics... now I feel like an expert!

1 These Makeup & Beauty Hacks

These Makeup & Beauty HacksSource: 38 Helpful Beauty Infographics to Pore over ... @Lisa

2 Lipstick 101

Lipstick 101Source: Top 10 Lipstick Tips For


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3 You Shouldn't See It...

You Shouldn't See It...Source: TO SEE OR NOT TO

4 Make Your Own

Make Your OwnSource: Make Your Own Deodorant &

5 More Make Your Own

More Make Your OwnSource: Use Your Pantry To Create

6 Bake It, Baby!

Bake It, Baby!Source: Sephora Glossy / #TRENDINGATSEPHORA: BAKING

7 Liner Lesson

Liner LessonSource:

8 How to Contour Your Eyes

How to Contour Your EyesSource: How to Contour Your Eyes

9 Trendy through Time

Trendy through TimeSource: Trendy Through Time Infographic

10 Concealer Tips

Concealer TipsSource: 9 Rules: Your Ultimate "Natural

11 I Wanna Be a Princess!

I Wanna Be a Princess!Source: Become A Disney Princess... With

12 Skin Undertones: Where do You Stand on the Color Wheel?

Skin Undertones: Where do You Stand on the Color Wheel?Source: These Charts Will Help You

13 9 Steps

9 StepsSource: 9 Unbelievably Simple Steps for

14 Blush Aplication Tutorial

Blush Aplication TutorialSource:

15 What's Your Color?

What's Your Color?Source: 18 Useful Makeup Tricks for

16 Lashes 101

Lashes 101Source:

17 Cosmetics' Greatest Hits

Cosmetics' Greatest HitsSource: A Spicy Boy, A Cat

18 How to Contour for Your Face Shape

How to Contour for Your Face ShapeSource: 29 Makeup Infographics for a Library of Awesome Tips ... @Neecey

19 It's All about the Order

It's All about the OrderSource: 27 Charts That Will Help

20 Makeup Brushes Made Easy

Makeup Brushes Made EasySource: Makeup Brushes Made Easy [INFOGRAPHIC]

21 History of Makeup

History of MakeupSource: INFOGRAPHIC: 6,000 Years Of Makeup

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