7 Stunning Full Body BB Creams to Try Today ...

If you're ready to cover up pesky flaws on your legs or arms, try one of these full body BB creams. Yes, the BB creams you love to cover up blemishes on your face are now being designed for your entire body. Many celebrities are already swearing by them. Just like the facial versions, these full body BB creams actually help improve your skin as well as provide cover. Basically, they're foundation for your body.

1. Jergens BB Body Cream

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Jergens BB Body Cream is one of my favorite full body BB creams and comes in two shades. The price is affordable and it does an amazing job at covering spider veins, light scars and other flaws. I like that it blends evenly and looks completely natural. Plus, it reduces the appearance of flaws over time, moisturizes and helps firm skin. I often use it instead of my regular body lotion, especially on my legs.

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