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21 Summer Make-up Palettes That Will Rock Your World ...

By Eliza

It's always fun to change up your make-up look when summer comes and you start enjoying fun in the sun. You can go for some funky shades that match your complexion or you can experiment with something entirely new. Either way, summer doesn't get any better than new make-up!

1 Blue like the Ocean

Blue like the

2 Add Some Shimmer

Add Some Shimmer‌ ‌

3 For a Golden Glow

For a Golden

4 Makes Your Lip Shine

Makes Your Lip

5 Little Bits of Color

Little Bits of

6 Everything You Need

Everything You

7 Fun for Your Eyes

Fun for Your

8 Highlight Your Face

Highlight Your

9 All the Best Purples

All the Best

10 Try Some Summery Pastels

Try Some Summery

11 Glam Things up with Color

Glam Things up with

12 Wear Your Heart on Your Cheeks

Wear Your Heart on Your

13 Your Lips Are in for a Treat

Your Lips Are in for a

14 Fun Colors for the Beach

Fun Colors for the

15 A Lovely Natural Look

A Lovely Natural

16 Every Color You'll Ever Need

Every Color You'll Ever

17 Pink Cheeked Beauty

Pink Cheeked

18 Great Colors for Outdoor Fun

Great Colors for Outdoor

19 Artistic Highlights


20 Glam Things up with Some Shine

Glam Things up with Some

21 Fun to Use and Fun to Look at

‌ ‌

Do you see a palette that will make your summer better? Where will you wear the fabulous colors you love?

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