How to Score Name-brand Makeup for Less for Girls Wanting to Look Good for Less ...


How to Score Name-brand Makeup for Less for Girls Wanting to Look Good for Less ...
How to Score Name-brand Makeup for Less for Girls Wanting to Look Good for Less ...

If you’re like most women, you love name brand makeup but you don’t like the price of it. While you can’t make the company lower the prices, there’re things you can do to get around them. It’s a great feeling to know you scored a bargain. These’re 7 ways to do that.

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Watch for Specials and Sales

Even brand name makeup goes on sale. Ulta recently had “21 Days of Beauty” which was an amazing sale where each day had one or more name brand beauty product with the price slashed as much as 50%. That’s just one example of specials and sales you can find on name brand makeup. Keep your eyes open for them. Sign up for emails to keep you informed of upcoming sales events to your favorite stores and brands.


Consider Buying from EBay

You can find some real steals on name brand makeup on eBay. I buy almost all my nail polish from eBay and have never paid retail price. I’ve also scored deals on other name brand makeup. It never hurts to search for the product you want to see if there’s a deal out there. It’s a good idea to check the seller’s feedback and reviews before you place your order, though.


Ask for Samples

One great thing about being a loyal customer is that you can usually score amazing samples. I recently visited my local Sephora and was fortunate to have a generous sales associate who sent me on my way with no less than 8 samples! Not only can samples extend your makeup but they’re a great way to try before you buy. Don’t be shy about asking for samples; sales associates know that’s a key way to make sure you’re a loyal customer.


Take Advantage of Loyalty Programs

Loyalty or reward programs are worth signing up for. Why not take advantage of programs that offer you products for free or reduced prices? If you’re buying anyways then enjoy the rewards you can earn for your purchases. It makes it a little more fun to buy when you know you’re getting something back. One benefit of buying name brand makeup is that there’re usually some additional perks to enjoy.


Return Disappointing Products

If you purchase something and you don’t love it, return it. Don’t settle for a makeup product you aren’t crazy about. As much as brand name makeup costs, you want to be satisfied with your purchase. If you aren’t then take it back. Many people don’t know that you can return makeup, even if you’ve already used it.


Take Advantage of Gifts with a Purchase

Many times there’re gift offers available with a purchase. These can be very valuable and contain a ton of great products for a deeply reduced rate or even for free. Always keep your eyes open for when gift offers are available. That’s the time to splurge. Take advantage of gift offers!


Register Your Birthday

There’re birthday offers to claim that you don’t want to miss out on. Two that I can immediately think of are offered by Ulta and Sephora. September is my birthday month so I scored at both stores. Ulta gifted me with a deluxe sample of Urban Decay Perversion Mascara and I picked up a lovely little set of Nars Lip Pencils at Sephora. Free makeup is always a win!

These’re 7 tips to help you get the name brand makeup you love for less. What’re your tips for this? I’d love to learn from you!

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If only ulta actually shipped to Canada

Definitely take advantage of free gifts with a purchase! It's a great way to try& experience their new makeup & serums. Yes, I get my crest white strips(watch for expiration dates)& gellish nail polish from ebay. Sephora gives out pretty generous samples you just have to ask!

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