The Best Lip Products to Moisturize Your Pout ...


The Best Lip Products to Moisturize Your Pout ...
The Best Lip Products to Moisturize Your Pout ...

It’s that season, ladies. The time when chapped lips become a frequent issue unless you’re careful to apply something to prevent and treat chapping. While I don’t love chapped lips, I do love the feel of something soothing on them. These’re some of the lip products to moisturizer your pout to try this fall and winter. I hope you love them as much as I do.

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Rosebud Salve in a Tube

Rosebud Salve in a Tube I just received this in the mail today. And oh my, it’s absolutely divine! I bought the strawberry option and it smells lovely and feels even better. There’re other options you can choose from such as the original salve, a minted rose version and a rose and mandarin orange version. At $6 a tube, it’s a very affordable splurge.


EOS Lip Balm

EOS Lip Balm This’s the lip balm that got me through all last winter. I have to admit that the cute little shape pulls me in. I’m a complete sucker for packaging! I have to know, does the packaging get you too? EOS stands for evolution of smooth and they certainly deliver. Your lips will be smooth and soft when you use any of their amazing lip balms.


Caudalie Lip Conditioner

Caudalie Lip Conditioner I’m going to make a confession here. I’ve only recently discovered this fabulous line of French skincare. I’ve been missing out and if you haven’t given them a try then you have, too! Like many of their other products, this one contains grape-seed polyphenols which is excellent for your skin (and lips). You can moisturize your lips while preventing the signs of aging.


Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment

Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment This enticing little product is going on my Christmas wish list. Wouldn’t it be a perfect gift to find in your stocking? This’s a lip treatment that’s moisturizing and also contains SPF 15, making it the perfect choice if you’re hitting the slopes this winter. It has a wide variety of shades to choose from so you’re sure to find one you love. And the packaging is sure to catch your eye every time you see it, if you always notice those things like I do.


Burt’s Bees Lip Balm

Burt’s Bees Lip Balm This’s an oldie but a goodie. Burt’s Bees is a product we know we can count on to deliver us exceptional products. They’ve got a vast array of flavors to choose from. The problem you’re likely to have is deciding which one you want the most. But at around $2-$3 each, why not choose several?


Bite Beauty Smashed Agave Lip Mask

Bite Beauty Smashed Agave Lip Mask Bite Beauty is honestly quite fascinating to me. They’ve made it their mission to only produce products that’re good enough to eat, although it’s not suggested that you do so! Basically that means that their products are completely natural, organic and good for you. More than that, they’re high quality including this Agave Lip Mask. At $26, it’s a definite splurge but why not treat yourself? You deserve it!



ChapStick How can we leave out this original moisturizing lip product? It’s one of the most popular, well-known lip products available. At around $1, everyone should have one of these in their winter lip product collection. There’re several options to choose from but most of us can’t resist the Cherry ChapStick. There’s only one problem with this lip product; it’s one your boyfriend won’t mind swiping from you!

These’re 7 lip products to moisturize your pout. What’s your favorite lip product for fall and winter? Which of these are you excited to try?

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Where in uk can you buy EOS? x

For night I use Bites Agave Lip Mask in original, day time it's Bobbi Brown Lip Balm. Best combo ever!

Ready for chapped lipped season! My go to's are Burt bee's and eos. I may something new may be next time shopping at sephora I'll pick up some rosebud. Oh yeah girls there's one more lip product I love so much and that's mac cosmetics lip balm in a tube smells so good and leaves my lips oh so soft my husband loves it... :-)

Baby lips is my favorite type of lip balm. I am a lip balm addict. I want to search for #4 it really caught my eye

Kiehl's lip balm is my, personal, #1. It's between $6-$9, but worth every penny. But, please... Burt's, Chapstick and EOS are my next, equally frequent, go-to's, also.

Soft lips is my favorite.

Baby lips too

I may pick up something*

EOS actually dry your lips out, making you want to use it more. The Fresh lip balms and rose bud work great. So does the jack black lip balm

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