9 Pieces of Elaborate Lip Art Anyone Can Pull off ...

You don't have to stick to wearing plain lipstick whenever you leave the house. Allure has some new ideas for you. If you have an artist in you, try copying these pieces of lip art:

1. Sculpted from Marble

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"Apply a loose powder pigment to a crumpled piece of cling wrap, then press onto white lips to achieve the marbleized lines. Try dabbing extra lipstick on top of a few of the lines to mute them and give the look dimension."

2. Embossed with a Kiss

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All you have to do for this one is line your lips with a liquid gold eyeliner. Then fill in those pretty lips with red lipstick.

3. Ain't Easy Being Green

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All you have to do is get some green eyeliner and place it around your lips in any way you choose.

4. Pombré

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Apply purple eyeliner around your lips. Then use a pink lipstick on the center of your lips and blend, blend, blend.

5. Gilding the Rose

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This one is super easy. All you have to do is apply your lipstick. Once you're finished, grab some metallic gold eyeliner and place it on your cupid's bow.

6. Oil Slick

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Before you apply your black lipstick, put on some clear gloss underneath.

7. Ice Blue

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"Mix a clear balm and a metallic blue eye shadow" together and then apply it to your beautiful lips.

8. Built to Scale

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This one might take a while. All you have to do is pick the lip color you want to use, and then apply some eyeliner over it in diamond shapes once it dries.

9. Somewhere over the Rainbow

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Get six different colored eyeliners and overlap them a bit as you apply them to your lips.

Which one of these pieces of lip art do you like the best?

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