The Best Makeup Tips for Blue Eyed Girls ...


Blue eyes are absolutely stunning all on their own, but that doesn't change the fact that some of us just hate to leave the house without applying our eyeliner and shadow. Besides, makeup can draw even more attention to your beautiful eyes, so everyone will get a glimpse of them. If you're not sure how you should do your makeup, here are the best tips for all of us blue eyed girls:

1. Use Warm Colored Eyeshadows

You want to try to stay away from blue eyeshadow when you have blue eyes, because too much of anything (even a beautiful color) is never a good thing. You'll look much better wearing warm colors like brown and copper. Unfortunately, brighter colors will make your eyes look dull, so you don't want to wear them as often. Warm colors are your best bet, because they'll make your eyes pop even more than they normally do.

Don’t Make Thick Lines with Your Eyeliner
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