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If you have brown eyes, we’re in this together. They are probably the most common, which means that finding make-up advice is pretty simple. It also means that there is an overload of information out there. If you are overwhelmed and just want the best ways to make up your brown peepers, you’re in luck. I’ve done all the reading for you and collected the very best tips. Here you go!

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Try Any Color of Eyeshadow if You Have Dark Brown Eyes

Because brown is basically a neutral, you can wear just about any color on your lids that your little heart desires. Experts suggest gazing deep into your own eyes and choosing colors that complement the flecks you see. In general though you can choose anything you love. That includes charcoal, purple, green, brown and blue. Experiment with colors until you find your favorite look.


Wear Bronze if Your Eyes Are Medium Brown

A middle shade of brown eyes is the perfect backdrop for bronze eye make-up. Try the shade in eyeshadow or eyeliner. It’s a great way to make your eyes pop while also giving you the chance to try out the crazy hot metallic trend that’s sweeping runways right now.


Skip Black and Choose Dark Brown for Light Brown Eyes

This goes for eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara. If your eyes are light brown, black can create a look that’s too intense. Dark brown is deep in color and almost the same, but highlights your eyes much better. You can blend the darker shades with lighter browns for highlighting and contouring.


Don’t Be Afraid to Try All Shades of Blue

Have a peek at the celebrity set and you’ll see that blue eye make-up is having a moment. Don’t worry – it’s nothing like the bright blue eyelids of yesteryear. Now the trend is dark blue eyeliner or a green-blue shade of eyeshadow. Since you have brown eyes, why not take advantage of them by playing around with fun blue shades of make-up? You might find out you love it!


Use Brown to Create a Smoky Eye

There’s no rule that says you have to use black or gray to get that sexy smoky eye that all girls want. You can most certainly copy the look using dark brown instead. As I said above, this is an especially good choice if you have light brown eyes. But, the idea also works for brown peepers in any shade.


Mix Your Lights and Darks

Your best make-up look is a mixture of light and dark colors. Try a dark shade on your lids and a light one to highlight your eyes. Or try a dark eyeliner and a light color of eyeshadow. This gives your eyes drama and enhances them without looking like you have a heavy hand with the products.


Go Colorful for a Night on the Town with Silver and Purple

Unlike with some eye colors, brown ones are great for wearing silver eyeshadow. It’s such a fun color and it makes brown eyes pop. Combine it with a lovely shade of purple eyeliner and you’re ready for a night out. Get ready to turn some heads because that’s what this look will do for you.

What shade are your brown eyes? Mine are medium and I learned so much about make-up while researching this information. Which tip is new to you?

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Mine are SUPER DARK brown

I totally needed this!!

It's so true; brown-eyed girls can pretty much wear any color shadow and look great! My eyes are in the medium-dark category I would say.

please show some eye makeup pics and perfect colors too

Me too

What about brown almost black

Mine are pretty dark

I think that would be dark...

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