All the Different Types of Lip Products Every Lady Should Own ...


All the Different Types of Lip Products Every Lady Should Own ...
All the Different Types of Lip Products Every Lady Should Own ...

Doing up your lips can quickly take your look from drab to fab. There’s something really awesome about getting a perfectly lined, colored and glossed set of lips that makes your day so much better. So how to get that look? First, you need to have the right products on hand. Once that’s taken care of, you need to learn the proper techniques so that you can get your lips looking gorgeous in no time. Here are the products you have to keep in your cosmetics case.

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Homemade Lip Products Are Perfect for Your Exact Wants

face, eyebrow, hair, black hair, cheek, Before I go much further, I want to say that homemade lip products are really easy to make and allow you to control the ingredients in them and get exactly what you want out of them. There are loads of recipes in books and online that help you create lip products that do exactly what you want and need.


You Can’t Live without a Good Quality Lip Balm

You Can’t Live without a Good Quality Lip Balm Lip balm is a must have for any girl who wants smooth, hydrated lips. This product helps lock moisture into your lips so they don’t get chapped, flaky or rough. Smooth a bit of lip balm on before you add your liner and lip color and your lips will get only the best attention from here on out.


You’ll Love What Lip Gloss Can do for You

NARS Cosmetics, product, cosmetics, organ, brand, Lip gloss is perfect for girls with dry skin because it gives you a bit of shine while also keeping the moisture locked into your kisser. I love lip gloss because you can wear it over lipstick to give you some shine and sheen or you can wear it on its own for a feminine and subtle look.


If You Want Long Lasting, Go for a Lip Stain

hair, face, eyebrow, lip, black hair, According to the experts, lip stains go on once and stay on all day, preventing the need to touch up your color throughout the day. However, they can exacerbate dryness so you might be better off with lipstick or gloss if you have chapped lips. You also have to be careful with application of lip stain because it will also stain the skin around your lips if you don’t use a steady hand.


Lipstick is a Classic Product That Every Girl Should Have

hair, face, eyebrow, black hair, nose, No girl’s cosmetics case would be complete without a couple tubes of lipstick. They’ll give you full and luxurious color on your lips. You generally have to reapply the color after eating or drinking, but you’ll love topping off your face with an awesome shade of lipstick.


Lipstick isn't just about adding color; it's about expressing yourself and boosting your confidence with a simple swipe. With shades ranging from bold reds to subtle nudes, there's a lipstick out there to match every mood and occasion. Whether you opt for a matte finish for a sophisticated look or a glossy one for a touch of glam, it's an essential tool in your beauty arsenal. Not only does it highlight the beauty of your smile, but the right lipstick can also pull your entire look together, making it a must-have for any beauty enthusiast.


Long-Wear Lip Products Are a Girl’s Best Friend

face, hair, eyebrow, nose, clothing, If you are OK shelling out just a bit more cash on your lipstick, think about investing in some long wearing products. They are designed to give you the luscious color coverage you crave, but won’t fade away as quickly. Many long wear lip products are designed to last through eating and drinking and you’ll love the convenience and ease of using them.


Don’t Forget the Lip Liner for a Complete Look

Don’t Forget the Lip Liner for a Complete Look Lip liner helps give your lips a defined look as well as helping hold the color on your lips so it doesn’t bleed into the skin around your lips. Use it to carefully outline your lips in a shade that matches your lipstick. Easy, right?

What lip products do you love most? Do you use all of the items on this list?

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I use baby lips Chapstick

I literally have all of these products

I'm addicted to eos lip balm nice one tho:)

Eos lip balms r so cute. They r not good but they r cute.

Eos works really well on me

Esos, blistex, Chapstick, etc have menthol or/and camphor in them. These ingredients actually DRY OUT your lips so you keep using the product. Always check the ingredients ladies!!!

Pixi by Petra has a wonderful lip balm in so many beautiful colored tints. They are a bit pricey at $8, but smell so nice and feel so wonderful on the lips.

I hate eos lip balms but I love their lotion

Nice article

Eos is actually really bad for your lips, made to keep them nice temporarily, but dry them out shortly after. Actually makes your lips worse. Common in a lot of lip balms.

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